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Friday, March 14, 2008

Livin Large...

So, today stepped outside my comfort zone. I went to Dillards with a coworker who works there part time, and bought two purses. Not one, but two. Usually, I'm quite happy with my $9.99 Target purses thankyouverymuch. But she's always harassing me. She's the type that has everything put together, head. to. toe. Me? Eh, it's not the wrapping that counts, I'm nice on the inside ya know? I don't have to have the nicest things. Where I spend too much money is on beauty products. And, getting my hair done.

I will dabble in the occasional $25 Kohl's purse from time to time. That's high falootin shit. Not to mention, I'm not fashionable, I like comfort, and simplicity. I buy my clothes at Old Navy, even when I dress up! Plus, I don't like all those big bulky purses with their buckles and bangles and loud colors, and cost me a week's pay. No thank you.

But I did find something I like! I found two Fossil purses. Original price on one under $100 the other a little over $100. For purses? For some people, THAT is considered cheap. Anyhoo I got one for $22 and one for $24. On top of that, I got a wristlet, that was $50 for $12. I don't think this will become an obsession like it is for most women, but it was fun!

Um, so in 102 days, Edwin McCain graces the likes of Cleveland Ohio. If you know anything about me, you know you are in for 102 days of talking about how I'm going to the concert. And I am going to initiate that cute hunk of a man into the ranks of those who love Edwin. It only takes one concert, no one I've 'talked into' going has ever complained. It's a good freaking time! I'm super excited. Plus, I happen to know someone who lives out that way, and I can um, crash there I think. Eeeek!


Steve Stenzel said...

Really? Edwin McCain? He's still around?


Ken Albin said...

It's good to splurge a little once in awhile. The wife has her cat purse she has been repairing and using for the past 10 years now. I'm trying to convince her to get another purse but she loves the cat motif.

Frances said...

The Buddha head is fabulous.
I love the colors of the covers and shams, and I wish there was a pic of the bags - I love bags.
Thanks for stopping in.
Keep treating yourself well - you deserve the best!
Much bloglove,