"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This and That..

Yesterday I got my ass reamed at work by a higher up. Some figures I did were wrong, and this person yelled at some people for their performance. Basically they felt dumb for being an ass and it was my fault so I bore the brunt of it. Whatever. I'm over it. When your not in charge you can say "I didn't do it, I just sent them". Then, I had to tell this person that it was my fault and not my coworkers. I could've let them think it was her, but that's wrong. Had a meeting where I get the impression, my department is going to be absorbed by another one. Not sure, but the reports we stopped doing due to "time and understaffing" are being given to other departments, and I had to tell them how to do these. Interesting. I dont mind as long as I keep my pay raise, I'm fine with it.

Then on my lunch break, an old man flicked me off. He stopped dead in the street and gave me the bird. What the fuck!

Today I gave my two girls cards, the new girl got a card about stress and how I'm here for her. The other one got a card about being awesome, cus she is really stepping up to the plate with all the extra work. I told them both we have an amazing team and that they are doing great. I'm only the coolest boss ever. Fo real tho!

Last night, there was cause for celebration. The man put a deposit down on his own pad. This means I can stay with him at his place! He also says it's a little bit closer, but the only time I've driven out there, was in a blizzard so I wouldn't know. Now, when I move, and its a little closer, then maybe we'll be happier. I dunno, I think the only happy I'll get in regards to closeness, is when he's with me forever. Does that sound like an evil master plan or what? Like thunder should clap, and an evil laugh should follow? Of course, I only meant, when he's safely locked up in my closet. Sheesh. I can't begin to describe the sense of comfort I have when I'm cuddled up next to him. It's really sickening. I mean, are people seriously this happy? Next week it'll be six months since our first date. Ahhhhh....

Tomorrow, should be my first pay with my new found wealth. I cannot wait! I am so nervous to see how much I'm gonna be raking in! It's 1300/month more than I make now. So, ummm should be a biggin'! I'm also going to the gym at work for the first time. A girl in my department is going to stay with me. I started back to 2 hour workouts this week. Here it is Thursday, and I've done it twice. Uh, how the fuck did I do it 5 days? Amazing how fast you lose your stamina. But I'm getting back up there.

Am I well rested working one job you ask? My body is in shock. I'm so use to working 14 hours, and living on 4-5 hours of sleep, that I am not sure what to do with myself. I'm tired, but I still feel at home like I have to finish all this stuff, cus tomorrow I have to work at night. It's going to have to wear off I think. I still rush out on lunch and have all these errands and think...wait, I can go AFTER WORK. I've been trying to organize my closets and places I toss crap. Like, the garage and the laundry room.


Rachel said...

Ack. Work crap. Don't you hate being the fall guy? Hang in there!

EC said...

You did the right thing by fessin' up... good for you.. but sucks for you to have to be yelled at.

Have fun with that big check tomorrow - you totally deserve it!!