"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy 2 Months of Freedom!

I try to be positive, so this is my title. 2 months today, since the big break up w/TWDSO.

What bothers me more is that I'm certain he isnt sitting around, thinking about how today is 2 months since we broke up! So, why am I? I dont want to devote too much time to those we dont speak of, because Ive been trying to look ahead, and not behind!

I just never had an explanation as to why we broke up, just that we had no future. Who says that?

The concept of breaking up never came up. We didnt even have fights! Well, we just wouldn't talk. I guess that's sort of the same...huh? Im not devastated, but hurt. Maybe that's a sign? I mean, we DID live together. And the thought of sex with him kinda grossed me out. I think I'm just lonley. lol

I can't wait to meet the man I cant live without! I do miss that excitement. I just need to get my own things handled first! .....*sings* 'if i were a rich girl, nah nah nah...........'

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Heatherkins said...

I wouldnt say mine is Extreme, because I found it amusing rather than offensive. My Boss @ the time would call me things like Douche or the "c" word and he would ask me about me and my "then" boyfriends sex life. At the same company we had this boss that constantly looks @ the women's chest and once I asked him, "Jim, did I drop something on my shirt ?" and his face turned blood red. LOL