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Monday, May 23, 2005

Divide and Conquer!

Boy doesnt the wknd fly by?

Need a good cry? Watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It only makes you want to kidnap and ravage Ty Pennington even more, because hes hot, successful, annnnnd sensitive! I watched last sundays on Tivo this wknd, that guy who lost his wife, and was left with 3 small boys. ugh! Sad! But, crying is good for the soul, when it doesnt involve your own life!

I just wanted to watch a dvd....Another thing about break ups - Dividing up the goods! Those we dont speak of and I had an extensive DVD collection together, 297 to be exact. I'm down to 96 of my own. I know this, because I'm such a dork that I put them all into an access database. I marked each one comedy, drama, etc... and a short description of each movie. I had only finished the descriptions on about 20 so far. Its nice when people want to borrow movies, I created queries of just the horror, just the comedy, etc....

Anyways, Im left with 96 mostly scarey movies, because its my favorite genre. I could have taken movies that werent mine, because those we dont speak of was never up or home when I packed, and he never once even asked if Id like to stay....but that is so NOT the point!

An interesting tidbit, my best friend never saw Willie Wonka!! So I Tivo'd it and played her the Oompa Loompas. How can you have never seen the Oompa Loompas? Sheltered! What would the world do without Tivo? Or, is it just me? Id never see any good tv shows cus im working all the stinking time!

I opted to not go to the club Fri, instead I met my other friend/neighbor at a local bar for a drink. Ended up running into my best friends recent ex! and his new GIRLFRIEND! I guess it was inevitable that one of us would run into one of them sooner or later! dun dun dunnnnnnn...........I am happy to report, she looks and acts boring, and didnt talk to anyone, even though im pretty sure it wasnt her first time meeting the other people there. Didnt even laugh!

After a few minutes my friends ex said Hi to me and then 'arent you going to say hi to me?' and i just shrugged, i gave him the whattyawantmetodo shrug! (my mom and sister will know this as the 'i must have been stupid' shrug from Louie Andersons comedy show..or what would you do lady it was a nickel difference!)

No way I could act like my friend isnt still hurting over it! Thing is, this new girlfriend was my best friends good friend in school. So they know of each other! My other friend took her pic at the bar on someone elses phone, not that it was obvious! lol! Now I dread seeing MY ex!!!! UGH! I peeled off the labels from my bottles of bud, like the song, heard its a sign of sexual frustration so I peeled all the beer labels off then! LOL! Im hoping it passes, I hear that it does, and its not near as bad as it was at first! Time...you aint no friend of MINE!

I was MORTIFIED on saturday while going over fridays nights events w/my best friend, I told her I called her and someone hung up on me, we consulted our cellys to see what time, and along with my call to her, i see, that I called those we dont speak of, twice in the past week or so. My PHONE called him! I have a flat phone, not a flip, and even if i have on keyguard it still dials speed dials, or the internet, or who knows!!!! It has always done it, I really hope he didnt get some satisfaction out of it!!

I have a private number, but if my phone dialed him who knows what he'd hear me saying! One night was when I was out with my friends! UH OH! lol!
They were both around 11 pm. I do not want him to think I was calling him I felt so dumb, so i had to.........DELETE HIM from my phone! That felt weird, but it needed to be done! oh well! YOU ARE DELETED FROM MY PHONE THOSE WE DONT SPEAK OF! ...GOODBYE! (now just get out of my head and all will be fine!)

Yesterday got together w/my girls to watch Desperate Housewives, the finale. I hate that its over, it was so good! I KNEW Mike was Zachs dad!!! Only, I didnt know his old flame was the one in the toy chest! And how could they kill Rex? And Gabrielle is having the baby, that disappoints me, and Miguel told Gabrielles husband about their affair! *GASP*!! (i call the gardener Miguel, because he was on my soap Passions as that character and i dont remember his name on desp housewives)What a good espisode! So much can happen next season, and a new secretive family on the block!!!!

We also watched White Noise, about EVP's, which i strongly believe in! sppooooookkkkyyyyy! My tv turns channels sometimes when you hit the volume button so of course, i turned it down when i stopped the movie, and changed the tv to LOUD white noise, scarey! lol!

Next week I'm on vacation! Monday, th, and fri, and Mon!!!!! Im still working my second job, which stinks, but I wont be getting up early!!! YEEE HAAAA! Work work, work, hi ho, hi ho!

And in closing, this might not work and my mom might kill me, but this is hilarious!

See my mom in rare form:

Today's Question:

'If you had to describe your worst experience with blood, what would it be?'

Some of these are strange! Ok, what sticks out in my head is my ex boyfriend stepped on a ceramic dog bowl and broke it, and cut the bottom of his foot open and it bled so bad that it soaked a dish towel in no time. Im not good in the event of an emergency, I tend to run around and mumble things, and not do much help. It freaked me out cus it was so much blood.


Rachel said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! How many bunnies do you have? I'm trying to bond Cokie (a.k.a. Oscar) to Babs and Taz now.

In response to your question, I can think of a few events in my life. The worst? When I was in 2nd grade, a 6th grader ran into me, knocking me down, and smashing my face into the blacktop, crushing my upper maxilla (the bone where your upper teeth attach to your gums). There was a HUGE puddle of blood. I remember kneeling on all fours with blood pouring out of my mouth wondering why my mouth was bleeding. It all happened so fast. The blood pooled around my hands and seeped onto my Brownie uniform. All the kids on the playground stopped what they were doing and formed a circle around me, staring in horror. This image is fixed in my mind. I have 3 dental implants now where those teeth were destroyed from the accident.

Anonymous said...

I think your mom is hot..

Mon said...

Hey Rachel! I have 2 bunnies! Bitsy, a netherland dwarf, and her 'husbun' Boo's, who I rescued so Im not sure what he is but hes all black!
Good luck with bonding them to a third bunny!! Id say let me know how it goes so I could try it, but I gotta know when to say when! lol!

Rachel said...

That's great! You should post pics of them. They sound cute. I'll keep you posted on bonding my 3.

Mon said...

I still dont know how to post pictures here, but i have them up on my webpage www.geocities.com/monlink I have all my kids up there!