"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well I made it past hump day, whodathunkit? My trip to work as usual was slow. I get behind people going 25 or 35 in a 45, and it adds to my road rage! COMEON FRIDAY!
I went to my Dr. on tuesday, because my kidney hurts, and I'm prone to kidney infections, I get one every year. He didn't test me, and gave me muscle relaxers, which I cant take because they cause drowsiness, and I work two jobs. Of course, I didnt speak up, I let him write out my scripts and paid my $52 and was on my way.

So, Im sitting here with a heating pad on, in pain. Let this be my legacy that if my kidney rots and dies, sue my Dr!

My new fave song of the week is 'Girlfight' by Brooke Valentine. Sometimes I imagine my car is a stage, and Im the main attraction. Im not a singer, I just love it!!! I have been listening a lot to Avril lavigne too. I dont even LIKE her, but her CD is really good, under my skin. And it is an EXCELLENT break up CD ladies! My personal favorite is #8.

Go listen!

Im looking forward to having a wknd 'in' and not going out. Im saving money you know! I have to pay off my new washer and dryer before November! And of course, theres my trip to Australia! (gon have some chik'n on tha barbie mates!) And, some day I'd like to quit working 2 jobs! Bleh!
But, I consulted with Tivo last night as to what was on this wknd, and recorded accordingly. Im somewhat disappointed that it hasnt found me any new Orlando Bloom to watch! Mainly, it would record LOTR. When your single, its important to lust over hot celebrities. Because, its safe, you wont go running off into the sack with them! Well, if the opportunity came up, but I dont see anyone coming to my neck of the woods!!!! Anyhoo, the MUPPETS are on friday! I cant wait to come home and watch the muppets, I dont ask for much! I got some beer, some food, some tv! and Cleaning products! woo hoo!!!! Doncha just wish you were me?

An interesting tidbit from the workplace, at my second job I work with some special people, and some people who just arent right. Its true, they really are mentally challenged, good for them for working, but it makes for an interesting job!! We have one guy, who digs in the trash each night, to feed his dog. Why you got a dog you can't feed? Well last night, he was eating salad with his fingers, he digs in the trash. Never a dull moment!

Upon arriving home Tues night one of my cats didnt greet me at the door, she stood on the stairs staring. This could mean only one thing, BUG! There was a large black spider, it was about dime size, thats a big spider to me, it was fat! I had to smash it 3 times with my book to kill it! Normally the cats eat up all the bugs for me, but this one was too big I guess! Yet another thing about being single....killing your own bugs. Im adding that to my list of accomplishments!!

Today's Burning question:

If you could give one thing to each of your ex lovers, what would it be?

This is a tough one. Because, Ive had some doozies for exes!!! Mostly, w/the exception of those we dont speak of smashing my heart to bits out of the blue, ive normally been screwed over, and cheated on. So, in the spirit of payback, I have to have 2 answers. Because I'd really love them to all get herpes, because it isnt curable, and theyd have it forever, but it wouldn't kill them...but not if that means I would have to be the one to give it to them, cus I dont want it.
So, second choice, would be to give them all babies! Not their girlfriends, THEM, and they have to take care of them! That would teach them to be assholes! It is my new wish actually, for those we dont speak of, I use to wish him death, for hurting me (hey, it sucks to get dumped) but I realized thats not right, so now I always say I hate him, I hope he has a baby!!!! Cus, those we dont speak of having a baby would be like me having a baby, not a good idea!!!!


Heatherkins said...

I love this question, but it's tricky. My one thing would be a broken heart though. I wish that Varner get's his heart ripped right out of his chest and that he wont be able to eat for 2 months and he'll shit non stop. For the others, you didnt hurt me so bad so i would like to give you all an incredible amount of debt, so big that you or someone you love cannot dig you out of your debt. I wish that you shall live in constant fear of your car's being repoed & not have a dime in your pockets! I hope you all work like dawgs and never get ahead in life. I'm not bitter am I?

Mon said...

Not bitter at all, and neither am I! Can't you tell? LOL!

Hot for Jr said...

As Mon's older sister, i have to say she isn't bitter at all. HA!

I'm not as bitter. I don't think it's too much to ask that my exes feel the pain I felt, times 2, for twice as long.