"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, May 27, 2005

Music, makes the people come together...

TGIF!!! I couldn't be happier, that I am off for the next 3 days from BOTH JOBS!! I have been moved in for 2 months now, and I'm still living out of boxes. I have most of it done, but you know, I am a huge procrastonator when it comes to my personal life! Plus, I have no time! I have a home phone with no phone plugged in, my Tivo is the only thing plugged in!

So thats the plan, unpacking! Next wknd too! Woo hoo! I can feel the excitement already! Sitting on the toilet at home (nice visual) I realized, that I do love living on my own. It's nice once you get use to it. And one of my good friends is my very next door neighbor, which is nice! We're cooking out on Monday.

I've convinced myself that those we don't speak of is dating his friends sister. I have no reason to think this, other than my womans intuition! Best of luck to them. He wasn't right for me. I'm beginning to realize that....and I'm holding out for the right one!

Tonight I am going to the bar. I cannot wait! I need some downtime! Of course, now I have to drink crap beer to watch calories since next week is the weight loss challenge, and I must win!

Last night at job #2 we sat by a guy we never sat by before. Turns out, he's crazy too! He talked to himself the entire night. Plus, he carries a purse. It isnt a bag, or a briefcase, its a PURSE! And its not a fashion statement, cus I dont think this guy knows what fashion means.

I went thru all my CD's last night to put them in my CD book, and came across an oldie! Brian McKnight, 'anytime'. My ex husband bought me that CD, when we were in high school, and broke up for a few months, because, he cheated on me! He played me that song, worked like a charm. I'm so glad I don't have my high school brain anymore! What I was thinking, I'll never know! lol! But, everything happens for a reason! I instantly popped it in and it brought back all those memories.....but they were good ones! I was SO head over heels over that guy! He did a lot to betray me and my trust, and hurt me a lot, but I was willing to stick it out with him. Nowadays, I think we call that, 'stupidity' but I sure did learn my lesson!!!!

I can’t remember why we fell apart/From something that was so meant to be, yeah/Forever was the promise in our hearts/Now, more and more I wonder where you are/Do I ever cross your mind, anytime/Do you ever wake up reaching out for me/Do I ever cross your mind anytime/I miss you/Still have your picture in a frame/Hear your footsteps down the hall/I swear I hear your voice, driving me insane/How I wish that you would call/To say miss youI miss you/(no more) loneliness and heartache/(no more) crying myself to sleep/(don’t want no more) wondering about tomorrow/Won’t you come back to me.

I got this in an email yesterday, and thought it was really funny, so I'm posting it.


There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their

I thought the results were pretty interesting:

85% of women think their ass is too fat...

10% of women think their ass is too skinny...

The other 5% say that they don't care, they love him, he's a good man,
and they would have married him anyway.

Today's Question:

If you could compile any 3 songs to wake up to (slowly) every morning, what would they be, and in what order?

1.)Madonna -I deserve it (Many miles, many roads I have traveled/Fallen down on the way/Many hearts, many years have unraveled/Leading up to today/I have no regrets/There's nothing to forget/All the pain was worth it/Not running from the past/I tried to do what's best/I know that I deserve it)

2.)Beautiful Life -Edwin McCain (It's a beautiful life/It's just as advertised/It's all for one low price/Just read the fine print, and you'll be content/With your beautiful life)

3.)Break Stuff -Limp Bizkit (Its just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up. Everything is fucked. Everybody sux. You don't really know why but want justify rippin' someone's head off.)


HeatherKins said...

"You shook me" ACDC
"Wasting Time" Kid Rock
"Sugar" (Gimme Some) Trick Daddy/Ludacris

Hot for Jr. said...

BREAK STUFF IS A GREAT SONG!!!!!!! I love to crank it up in the car. It would be a good way to start the day.

I don't know the name of the song or group, but it says over and over, "Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor". I woke up to that one the other morning. My leg was moving to the beat before I was completly awake. Good Tune!

"Switch" by Will Smith. That always get me moving in my seat.

Mon said...

'Bodies' by Drowning Pool..That's a good cut too!!

Rachel said...

Your bunnies are adoreable! Disgustingly cute! I love it when bunnies groom each other. Bunny love. My girl bunny chases my boy bunny. Poor guy.
3 songs to wake up to:
1. "Carnival" Natalie Merchant
2. "Here comes the sun" the Beatles
3. "Cecilia" Simon and Garfunkel