"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sex on the beach with Orlando Bloom.....

So, Im grocery shopping, at my only leisure time, which is 9:30 pm with all the other oddballs.... And there it is, my future husband on the cover of Rolling Stone!! Not only was he hot as hell, but his title read 'Sex on the beach with Orlando Bloom' now, that is the ultimate fantasy right there! No one else could make me spend $4 on a magazine. We are destined to be together, he's a fellow animal lover! He wears his dogs tooth in a necklace! Hellooooo? That's totally me! ha ha! I'm framing it for my bedroom! One of my friends has Johnny Depp framed in her room but her husband hides him in the closet! LET JOHNNY OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Did I mention, I bought 10 bags of frozen vegetables, simply because they were on sale? They were 10 for $10 what would YOU do????????

Ok back to reality! Next week we start the dreaded weight loss challenge at work...I aspire, to win the cash pot! itll be around 50 bucks each month! It will inspire me to work out more. Then one of our vendors at work, brought us donuts. Why are donuts so evil?
If I work 2 jobs, take care of my pets, try to keep an active social life, and lose weight, I deserve some sort of freaking award! I am so stinking tired all the time as it is! When I finally do quit working a second job, what ever will I do with myself????

My horoscope today, is so me (im a sag):

Working with facts and figures has never been on your top-ten list of favorite things. You much prefer words, since words can create two things that just so happen to be on that list: humor and truth. Anyone who manages to provide you with a conversation that consists of either will be allowed to keep your company now, for as long as they like. Anyone who doesn't will be shown the door -- not directly, and certainly not rudely, but in very short order.

Today's Question:

If you were to name one choice in life that you would never want to make again, what would it be?

Ugh! Putting my pets to sleep!!! I have had to put down 2 of my cats, one was FeLv, and one was kidney failure. I still get a sick feeling thinking about it, it was about 8 years ago. It's just a hard decision to end a life, and to me, their my 'kids' so it was devastating!!! Of course, its better for them not to suffer, but its a huge burdon to bear!!!!!


Rachel said...

I had to put my horse, George, down in January. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He had chronic pneumonia and really bad, crippling arthritis. He coud barely walk. However, he had a pretty good retirement for a few years up to that point. It was hard b/c I wanted him to have as long as a life as possible without suffering. So I had to decide when the suffering outweighed his happiness. It was so hard. He was feeling really good the day we put him down, which made it even harder. It was his first good day in 2 months. I miss him so much.

Mon said...

ugh! That is terrible! My Maggie was in the hospital overnight and I had to make the decision, when I went in to have it done, she was so happy to see me, thats what really made me feel awful! The vet assured me that she had been on fluids all night and that was why she was acting better. =(

Rachel said...

It's the worst when they are feeling better. But I take comfort in knowing that they weren't suffering just to appease my guilt. That they got to enjoy their last few moments, and that we got to say goodbye.