"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The birds and the bees

My friend got a bird in her basement last night, I told her I would help her catch it today and to just close the door and shed be fine. So we went on break to catch it, with a butterfly net! She was really afraid of a bird! I aspire to be the next Dr. Doolittle, so I don't scare easily where animals are concerned. It ended up being dead, the poor thing banged itself to death! I carried it out in the net and put it in a trash can, the poor thing! Let's have a moment of silence for the birdie!

So, did anyone else catch Tom Cruise on Oprah? This has really restored my faith in love!
There was a lot of talk about them doing this as a publicity stunt, but if so, Tom should get an academy award for his acting ability!! He was so cute! He couldn't contain himself on the show, from outbursts. I remember that feeling. I remember how exciting it is to be THAT in love!! I havnt been THAT in love since my ex husband though. The butterflies, the constant smiling, the feeling that you have found the perfect match for you!!! Hating to say goodbye!Unfortunately for me, he ended up hurting me a whole bunch in the end.
But I really do miss the intensity of it! I guess it is possible, the second, third, or fourth time around!! =)
So I have a better outlook today on love! Makes me wanna pick myself up and try again! Some day! Im still taking time to myself right now. I don't honestly have time for a relationship while working 2 jobs, because, I have a menegerie to take care of. And my only free time is on the wknds. I get home at 10, try to do some sort of exercise, try not to eat at 10 even though I am starving to death, feed the pets, play with the pets, brush the pets, and watch my tv shows, then go to bed to start all over! I can't complain, the money is nice!

Took my dog to the vet. She goes monthly for something or other, shes got chronic problems!
This time only cost me $55 not too shabby. She has impetago, if thats how you spell it. Ear infection, and yeast infection of the skin, you know, the usual! It's always something!

I had a fairly uneventful evening, just worked all night, i did make $56 at my second job, my average per 4 hour shift has been around 35-40. I hauled butt to make that much, so thats an accomplishment! I do peice work data entry in the evenings, ohhhhhh the excitement!!!!!

Today's Question:

If you had to name the best music album ever recorded what would it be?

My favorite would be Edwin McCain, 'Messenger'. While I love all of his albums, this one sums up most of his favorites for me, including 'Sign on the Door' which defines me. The lyrics are on my blog page under my profile. I never get sick of listening to this CD. All of his songs have meaning, and the way he sings, melts my heart! Sign on the door live, you cant just imagine! Its on his new DVD 'Tinsel and Tapshoes' and I so wish I could record it to CD, because it is so heartfelt......words cant describe it!
I also love Ghosts of Jackson Square.....it has feeling!
It also has the acoustic version of 'I'll Be' which will some day be played at my wedding. Every song on this album has meaning for me, in one way or another. 'Beautiful Life' is also a favorite, when life gets you down, this can pick you up! Until you have seen Edwin in concert, you cannot pass any judgement on this band! He gets a bad wrap as a 'Ballad Band' but they can ROCK, and they have so much fun and energy, yea, I'm slightly obsessed!
I MET Edwin last summer, he signed my shirt! I got my picture with him! I couldnt speak to him, I said 'I really like yer muuuuuusic'.......duh! lol!

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Rachel said...

The bird story reminded me of something that happened to me. A bird flew up the exhaust of our dryer and got into the bottom of the dryer and started building a nest. One morning, I woke up and heard all this scratching inside the dryer. It was inside where the lint trap goes. I thought it was one of the bunnies at first, and I panicked. Then, I realized all the bunnies were fine and outside the dryer. I freaked out, thinking it was a rat! We had to call an exterminator. Imagine my embarrassment when a starling flew out of the dryer!