"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Return to Sender....

Just when you think your getting over someone, something happens to piss you off. It might seem trivial to some, but I got the mail last night, and I had several bills that had been sent to those we dont speak of's house before being forwarded to me. They said 'Return to sender does not live at this address'. UGH! It made me sick simply to see his handwriting! So, Im back to hating him today! Or like Eminem's 'Puke' .........'you make me fucking sick to my stomach everytime i think of you i PUKE!' I'm bitter.....and proud of it!

Despite my returned mail, I am in a pretty good mood today. My back hurts like hell. I have decided it isnt my kidney after all so I cant sue my Dr! Now its down my butt cheek and if I bend over my leg hurts. It has to be from sitting all the time cus I do nothing else, Only recently started working out again! Its really uncomfortable!

The little things that make me happy.....I got an email from amazon.com that my order shipped today! Its so fun to get things in the mail, I dont have time to shop so I do a lot of online shopping, gifts for meeeee! I got 2 of Carmen Electra's stripper videos! Well their teaching you how to strip, and one is hip hop. Their for exercise, I wont be applying my learning in any way.

In 7 months, I will be 30. I had planned on spending my 30th in Australia, but now, I wont get to go til next year! I don't know what Im going to do, but I do know i wont remember it!!!! I will drink my cares away! I dont really feel like I thought 30 would feel....Im happily suprised!

Last night while mindlessly typing at job #2, which, could make a pretty decent sequel to 'Office Space' with all the loons I work with, while eavesdropping on a coworker, I missed something she said, and I swear to god the first thing in my head was, hit rewind. I am not making this up, my mind is actually fried from too much TV! In particular, Tivo....its so easy to rewind. Why cant life be like Tivo? Oh, some day!!!

I applied my HTML knowledge from work, imagine that, it WORKS outside WORK lol! Anyhoo, this is my new fave happy bunny phrase. (In case you didnt know I stole 'Its all about me, Deal with it from Happy Bunny)

Today's Question:

If you had to pick one single physical characteristic about yourself that most resembles your mother or your father what would it be?

I have my dad's nose. Thank God because my mom's side of the family....woo hooo

(just kidd'n momma!)


Anonymous said...

My Dad's Eyes. I have been told my whole life I have the "nelson" eyes.

Rachel said...

Sorry you're feeling down lately. I love getting things from Amazon too! I shop on-line all the time and get yelled at by husband for it. As far as physical characteristics, I have my mom's eyes--green. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I have my mom's thighs. I hate them. Gee, thanks mom!


Anonymous said...

Della Evans had a cute button nose that her daughter Nora inherited. Monica inherited her mothers sense of humor. BIZAAR. And her mothers bad taste in men. So never ask her for advice again okay? Who always picked her daughter up off the street when she was drunk? And slept with her with her bad pukey breath. If your mother has a big nose, it doesn't matter in time like that.
TIVO SCHMEEIVO. don't teach your bunnies to do those bad things cuz when they go clubbing, they will get beaten up in the little boys room.

Mon said...

Ok, like we don't know who this anonymous was? lol! NOT THE MOMMA!