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Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Shook me...(for about 30 seconds)

How bout that earthquake, eh? Followed by a horrible storm, and an explosion on my street.

I was sitting at work yesterday talking to two girls. I felt like you do before you pass out. (i know this because as kids, we use to make each other pass out for fun) It passed. It happened again and it sounded like someone walking by our floors shake when a big person walks by. Finally I said you guys, I might pass out, I don't feel right, and a coworker said, no somethings going on because that door is ratteling.

Here is where I say that the company I work for has the largest vault next to fort knox, and therefore, we have high security. The first thing I thought was, bomb. Explosion. Robbery. I got my people out of the building. (don't I sound official, and responsible? I didn't even freak out I just said come with me, and they actually followed me like ducks in a row!)

While outside, others came out too, who told us it was an earthquake. For real? In Ohio? Awesome! Then I was excited to have felt it! Oh about two hours later, the skies are black. Our building was struck by lightening, and it shook the ceiling tile dust all over the place. And our A/C went out. All amidst of our ginormous week long meeting of fancy pants executives.

I couldn't wait to get some wine and go home.

Technology stood between me and my bottle of carlo rossi! The credit card machines are down? I see flashes of the end of the world. Famine! Looting! Zombies! How will we survive with no CREDIT machines? (I did find one finally that was up, but that's not as dramatic as zombies)

My road is officially closed. Balls!

So I go the back way, also closed.

So, I drove thru the barricade. (you can't keep a mother from her children) A tree took out all the power lines. No, not just the power, all the lines are down on my street. My neighbors said that it was two explosions. We wont have power for several days which is super awesome when its 100 degrees! I tried to read by lamplight, like the Ingall's did on Little House on the Prairie. But at least Poppa would play his fiddle and they would dance.

I brought all my dairy to work to stick in the VP's mini fridges!

You know what Ohio Edison is good at doing?
1) Driving big trucks past our street
2) Driving big trucks down our street, parking, and walking around
3) Surveying damage
4) Talking Shit
5) Putting up barricades
6) Caution taping us in our driveways
7) Trying to scare the crap out of us
8) Asking us to be good samaritans and warn others to stay away from down lines instead of doing it themselves
9) Bullshitting

You know what Ohio Edison is not good at?
1) Fixing electrical problems.


Carolyn G said...

LMAO Holy shit! Earthquake and lightning in the same day. Are you sure you haven't been a bad girl?

The lesson learned here is always keep extra bottles of wine around in case and earthquake happens, the building gets hit by lightning, you lose power and need to drink.

Fizzgig said...

i NEVER say lightning strike me down if...lol. I agree, it also taught me, im not in the least bit prepared for any emergencies! i need to stock up on essentials like alchohol, flashlight, batteries, and pet food!

heather said...

i did not feel that earthquake. i am jealous.

your power company sounds like mine. do you call and get pre-recorded messages estimating when it will come back on? my mother in law lost her power for a few days and they went through and cut down a bunch of huge tree limbs and left them in her yard. she asked how she can get rid of them and they basically told her "not our problem".

Teena in Toronto said...

I was driving on a highway and didn't feel a thing when it hit here.

BTW, 20 of the world leaders (including your prez) are here for the G20 Summit. It was in the U.S. last year.

Sister Copinherhair said...

So Ohio Edison and Pennsylvania American must be related. Blah. Too bad we weren't closer. I had wine to share.

Fizzgig said...

i would be jealous too lol. yes they estimated it wouldnt be on for 4 days. but then it was on a little over 24 hours later, so not too bad i guess!

how sad is it that i didnt know what the summit was. im just going to be over here, hiding! i cant believe you didnt feel it being in the epicenter..or, whatever it is lol

yea, i think they are all in cahoots...how to get the most overtime for doing as little work possible so they have to come back!

mylittlebecky said...

that is so crazy! i'm glad you're ok :)