"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's hump day. Yesssss.

I am done interviewing people. We are hiring a former coworker from another job, and a girl we interviewed Friday. She's dedicated her life to church college and youth ministry, so hopefully this doesn't interfere with work. As in....someone flattens my tires for having a picture of buddha at my desk if you catch my drift. But she seems nice. And really wanted to leave her current job due to lack of training, and cattiness. Me-ow.

Yesterday we had two totally stupid interviews. Both of which after 5 minutes my boss left me with them alone to deal with because they were a waste of time. When I thanked her for that later, she mentioned some day I'll get to do that too. This is probably the 10th reference to management she has made to me so far this year. Think positive, I may be moving on up!

I'm also on the fast track to learning a new job, as I will be supervising said job, that I know very little about. This should be freaking awesome. I had to lead a meeting with the big wigs today too.

Maybe I'll run the place one day.

Maybe not.

My manfriend's nerd group won best party at the nerd festival. I wasn't invited remember. His friend's girlfriend that went to the party tried to talk me into going on Saturday and driving up with her and another friend's girlfriend... despite my non invite. I declined. I never told him that either. I don't know that he knows we made friends at a party a while back.

Nonetheless, we spent Sunday and Monday together and lived happily ever after. We were kinda disgustingly cute cus we totally missed each other. It might be against the law to be so happy. We also went to the flea market on Monday. I think it's swell that he went with me. I bought an old ammo box for $4. I found a ball and chain that I threatened to buy to lock up the manfriend with. So he can't get away. He said he has a hacksaw though. Men.


LiLu said...

Nerd Festival!!!

Oh my lord, we need to have one of those here...

The momma said...

Ummm....I had one of those ammo boxes in my house and you thought it was totally stupid and kept questioning why? Mirror Mirror, on the wall.....

Deutlich said...

I'm so freaking glad for Hump Day this week because Monday was a day off. Woohoo!

Carolyn G said...

Nerd Fest? Why wasn't I invited??

I hate interviewing people. When I left my job last year they askedme to help interview my replacements. OMG just getting through the resumes was painful much less the interviews. OY!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Fizz...sending those positive vibes your way for sure. You of all employees at your company, deserve a promotion. :-)

amanda said...

i am totally all about this nerd festival!



Mike said...

You should've bought the old ball and chain. I would've. That would be a cool decoration and you could always hide your man's hacksaw.

Fizzgig said...

yea its totally nerdy. I have been scoping some pics his friends posted on face book. None from the party yet.....

you gave it to someone who's initials are D.F. and I was married to. Remember? with the king and queen also? He took them when he left me.

no doubt i wish every monday was a day off. when i rule the world, it will be.

seriously! the resumes were even painful.

why...thank you...you should work with us with that great attitude. lol.

yea, it is pretty nerdy, there may be one near you!

i like the way you think!!!

Erin said...

lol, who would even enter a nerd festival... that's kind of cool ;)