"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sister Sludge....

Imagine you run a nice hot bath, and when you go in to shut the water off, its full of nasty shit as pictured here.

So, you wait until the hot water fills up hours later, at 12am you try to take a bath again... it's the same thing!

Lucky for me I had a plumber for a dad, and I paid attention to things. I went to the garage and unattached my hose, and hooked it up to the water tank and drained it into the utility sink.

I have really dirty hair. I shower after my workout at work, but I only blowdry my hair, I don't wash it til I get home.

I didn't wash my stank sweaty hair yesterday.

I was at my Momma's after work watching Grey Garden's, the remake w/Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang. I think you have to see the documentary to appreciate how good a job those two did portraying the Beals. Brilliant!

And, the documentary helps you remember to not think its just a movie. They actually had those raccoons in the walls and cats peeing on the bed on camera. It's actually kinda sad when you see how they use to live "high on the hog" (that one was for Kat) and lost it all.

Here's what else it makes you think about. I'm happy to be alive right now, in the millenium, when my #1 goal in life is not to find a man to marry me so I'm "taken care of" otherwise, I'll live in squalor and have raccoons eating loaves of bread out my kitchen. Seriously, how sad a world that seems to have been. Settling for being unhappy with some man who mistreats you, just so you can leave home.

I probably would have ended up just like little Eddy!

I'd rather dream of owning my own island. And paying my bills. It makes me want to go burn my bra. Except for, that wouldn't be pretty for me to go braless.

P.S. Did you hear the story of this 911 call where the cop hangs up on the girl several times? Douchebag! He's not even in trouble!


Erin said...

okay, that's gross, lol

And I'm dying to see the remake, everyone says it really makes you want to see the first one. It is sad though :(

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Good for you to clear your own sludge! Now, that's impressive. As for the Beals - I would like to see Grey Garden's. I love Jessica Lange's performances usually and I suspect she's fantastic. Yes, we are lucky, Fizz, to live in a day and age that we can take care of ourselves. Being an old spinster nowadays doesn't carry the stigma it use to! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Damn it! I wanted to have a party and watch that together. We can still do it. We need to get some snacks and have a marathon. Make sure they are wealthy snacks like patte so we can live high on the hog. Did your mom like it? Was Derek around? I'm sure he loved it.
Riddle me this Batman, Why isn't your landlord taking care of things like the hot water heater? That is their job and why you pay rent instead of owning.


Andhari said...

I would basically freak. Glad it hasn't happened yet lol

Momma said...

OMG.. sometimes my texts are the "F" word every other word.. you mean I could be put in jail for this??? !!! "F" that cop.

Mike said...

Bad cop! No donut! That's probably his only punishment.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i want to see grey's garden so bad - i need dvr.

LBluca77 said...

Grey Garden looked like a great movie. I keep meaning to tivo it. Drew is great in all she does.

Amandaaa said...

ackkk. what a mess!

umm. when i was first reading this, i thought you said you were watching greys anatomy-not grey garden's. and i'm like...what in the world! they made a remake of greys anatomy with drew barrymore and jessica lang? but than i got all caught up and on the same page.

Fizzgig said...

it was really good! And yea my water is nas-t!

I am so happy to be alive now! Especially with all the progressive thinking, and ability to be who I want to be!

Cus i wanted to take a bath and I knew how to drain the hot water tank. The maint. guy the landlord has is a tool. But, i have to call her cus its still nasty. maybe ill get a new one!

its pretty gross! lol

well...round these parts that wouldnt happen. Ive heard some doozies working at the po po's!

yea, no donuts is a good punishment. I cant believe he would do that, knowing the calls are taped!

you dont have dvr? I am horrified! People probably still dont have cable too but I like to be ignorant to those things.

it is good, she did a good job, you have to see the original documentary to see how accurate she protrayed little eddie!

ha ha ha, yea, greys is on tonight! and i cant waiiiiiiiit!