"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'd Rather hang around than over...

I might still be a bit hung over. Lucky for me a couple years back I caught the noro virus and urgent care gave me a script for nausea, which also happens to work for hangovers. It wasn't worth having that virus though. I think it would give the swine flu a run for its money.

I had a fabulous weekend, which topped off by the fact that I got to spend 3 days and 2 nights with my manfriend, makes it the nuts on a sundae! (I like nuts!)

This picture of course, is David Draiman from Disturbed. He popped up behind us to get down with the sickness for the encore. As always, they did not disappoint, and put on one hell of a show. My only complaint about this "music as a weapon" tour, is that Lacuna Coil (who in my opinion is 100 times better than Chmira, AND Killswitch Engage....) Only played for 20 minutes.

Oh, I lied, I had two complaints. When we got tickets like 3 months ago for the show, it was at the Wolstein Center. (which for out of towners is an indoor venue) They just decided to change it to the amphitheater. Who changes a concert venue? To outside? After you buy tickets? In May? In Ohio? Luckily, it wasn't cold, but normally, it's like 30 degrees at night. Assholes! Doubly lucky I was jamming out and keeping myself warm. Thirdly lucky I have a pretty cute manfriend who kept me warm!

Oh third complaint's a charm. They shoved all us smokers at the OUTDOOR venue into a corner the size of a dog run, quite literally. We were packed in like sardines. Nevermind our taxes pay for half the crap the rest of the city enjoys. Cleveland kinda sux like that.

On Saturday, we had a fire, with the neighbors...I had those Skinny Girl Margaritas as discussed on the Real Housewives of NY...So, essentially, I drank a bottle of Cuervo silver, and a bottle of triple sec. And 5 limes. Manfriend shared too. But there was no mixer in those margaritas. Straight alchohol, and pretty damn delicious! I only ate 1 taco all day in a stupid effort to not blow my whole "im on a roll and cant run cus my foot hurts" speal. I was yakking 4 hours later, by midnight. But wow did I have some fun before that! It's rough to balance calories...and drinking.

Monday I recuperated. We got up at like 8 am the last two days too. (what, now we're 80?) I blame the manfriend. I could've slept longer. We went to eat at Bob Evans mmmmm, and made the ever exciting trip to Wal Mart. We dug thru the $5 movie bin, and I got a couple good flicks, and kept putting one back to keep my purchase limit at 2 movies. (Get out of debt in 2010, I'm fo-real!) Manfriend ended up giving me a movie later at his house that I put back which was an awesome classic....My Bloody Valentine, and April Fools Day....(both the originals..)

I thought it was pretty nice of him, that's why I promoted him to Sergeant of the Cute police. I know you probably want to vomit, but that's OK. I'm secure in my disgusting love.
Even cuter, he took me to his house for Sunday night, and brought me back on Monday. Like a real date kinda sorta. It was sweet, cus remember, we live 48 miles apart. (Depending on which route you take....mine is the shortest at 45, manfriends way is 52 but don't tell him that) I also happen to love the way he talks to his cat like a little person....there is something about a person who can relate to animals in such an open way.

I had a spectacular weekend. It's nice to laugh and have a good time, and being reminded how nice love can be when its with the right person. I always feel safe and taken care of with manfriend, and he's just so sweet to me I can barely stand it. It's also nice to be reminded that I do have friends that still kickit, and manfriend's friends are a good time too. Even if they do live in Cleveland. (ah, that was for Alexa!)


mylittlebecky said...

"Sergeant of the Cute police." classic.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a wild weekend. Zofran is the best! (The stomach flu is the worst).

Amandaaa said...

hollla for your weekend!

haha. my bloody valentine. i saw that YEARS ago on HBO. i weirdly liked it.

Michelle said...

I bought that combo pack movie out of the $5 bin too! Great flix!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

and NOW you were within walking distance of my apartment and still now love.

yes, we are still fighting - haha!

Andhari said...

Sergeant in the cute police

I can't help smiling. That's soooo cute. :)

Erin said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!! Gosh, you have the best (i.e. childfree) life!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

That does sound like a great weekend. By the way, are skinny girl margaritas good? I hate Triple Sec and feel every cheap ass restaurant just throws tons of it in a glass with a splash of tequila and calls those margaritas. No, it's a glass of sugar! Yuck. But I might try a SGM if they are actually good tasting.

Fizzgig said...

i thought it was pretty cute myself. I even made him a post it badge. I'm like 5 years old!

medicine is pretty awesome, its good to keep on hand for hangovers.

I love horror movies. The cheesier, the better!

aaaah good taste!

but, but I was jamming at the disturbed concert! Did you hear it?

well thank you! I quite liked it myself!

Well you know the grass is always greener....sometimes I think for a minute about sitting in some nursing home run by the government cus i have no kids to take care of me. Then I think, those little shits would wind up hating me anyways. ha ha ha

they were good! the key is the silver cuervo. and no mixer. If you do a shot of tequila, and half triple sec, and club soda and limes, thats good too! Or any orange liquer would work for the flavor. Mostly they were limey. everyone that tried them thought they were waaaaaay too strong. i liked them!