"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trust Me..

You know the manfriend left his murse (man+purse) at my house this weekend. I guess it's more like a planner, but he takes it places so I call it a murse. He didn't have a car so he couldn't come get it. He said it had his money and his bills in it. Anyway, it was in my posession for 3 whole days and guess what I didn't do? Huh? Huh? I didn't open it! I didn't even have the tiniest desire to look inside of it. I didn't have to fight a single urge to do so. In the past I'd have been tearing thru it looking for clues as to how he was lying to me, or who he was cheating on me with. It never crossed my mind to snoop.

Say wha? Yea, for realz! I actually trust him. I have no reason not to, so why go looking for reasons to be suspicious? I didn't even think of it as a big deal until the girls at work were astonished I didn't look. I've been there so I can see their side too. But, maybe that's even more of a reason we're destined to be together. I totally believe that.

He came to my work yesterday to pick it up. So, he met the girls...and saw my desk and stuff. When I came back in from walking him out, I was bombarded with the"he's sooooo cute", "you guys are adorable together", "you make a cute couple" "you look alike".....(I said thanks cus I find the man to be quite the hottie), and "he's so handsome", "pictures don't do him justice" then.. (you knew it was coming)...how "you'd make beautiful babies"...gag, puke barf. To which I said I can't say you're wrong, but we'd have even cuter pets.

Reason 456,789 not to have kids, they make people say stupid things about you as a couple.

One girl couldn't believe I met a "normal" guy on the internets. I don't think its where you meet them honestly. It's hard to meet a "normal" guy anywhere, so what's the difference? It was the universe, and us being on the same path at the same time. It had nothing to do with where or how it happened.

Nothing good ever came of my snooping. I'd find you know, kiddie porn on the computer, and IM's to skanks that live down the road. Or, receipts or movie stubs for things I've never seen. Anyone have a good snooping story?

I'm gonna try to finish up Momma's this weekend. I need some cashflow for my vacay. Plus I lost 5lbs in my quest for losing 15 for vacation. 10 more to go. Eat that, haters! I'm sure that painting will be an added workout too. Wax on....wax off....breathe in...breathe out..

I want to lose a total of 35 more lbs. When I feel like that's a lot, I think of this guy, who was on Primetime last night. And weighed over 1200 lbs and has lost 500. Huh?
On that same Primetime, I watched the totally sad story of people who adopt monkeys as children. And have their teeth removed. And fingers cut off. Leave the freaking monkeys alone. It made me cry to see them torn away from their mothers. God, people are so fucking stupid!


Heather said...

First, thanks for commenting on my blog. Funny that you live in Ohio too. Maybe that was you last night?

Totally agree, it doesn't matter where you meet your man. I met mine in a bar and we've been married for 11 years. (And we have four kitties too.)

Suzi said...

Okay, I was going to comment on the snooping, but I got distracted by A) noticing your Twitter and following you and B) The people who adopt monkeys! We watched that last night, riveted to the TV, and then I tried to convince my niece that she is actually a baby monkey who we are raising as a human child, and boy are we glad we got a cute one, because those TV ones are ugly.