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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rejoining the Real World after My "50 Shades of Grey Getaway"....

 I spent my weekend on zero sleep. 50 shades of addicted, I was. I don't remember the last time I was so tired, and sleep deprived, that  I could not sleep.  I kept waking up to thoughts of Christian Grey. So I read more....I finished the series this afternoon, (3 books in 4 days/nights) so I can now resume life in the real world! (and get some rest!)

I'm all about commitment...so when I set out on this fifty shades journey, I knew I would finish it. 

I never thought I would relate to so many aspects of this relationship, given the reputation of this series. (of course, not ALL aspects...ahem...)

But, what can I say? I. Just. Love. Love!! Unattainable, unrelenting, and unrealistic? Maybe, but that's why we have books and movies, isn't it??!! As the tale unfolded, it caused me to revisit old feelings that I have kept bottled up. Not just  the spicy sex stuff...more so, the being "so in love you would do anything for a person" stuff.

I shed more tears while reading these books, than I have in a very long time. We are all damaged in some way. Sometimes when you are in love, you understand that more about the other person than they do. I so related to Ana's frustration with her fifty shades.

Anastasia, to me, is a heroine. I just loved her unconditional love of fifty, and her gentle understanding, and patience with him, despite his posessiveness, and need for, well....um....control.  I loved to watch this relationship change, as they both gave way to compromise, to be together.(true fiction!)

A woman after my own heart, indeed!

These books allowed me to mourn for what I miss so much...my love..I needed that, after all this time without him.. Who knew that a practically pornographic love story would bring up all my junk that I've tried to stifle??? And for most people who "get" this trilogy, it is just that...a love story.

I did, however, leave the house for  2 hours, for a much needed smoothie (my gaping tooth wound is still sensetive, so I can't really eat much) and I went to visit the local pet adoption expo.

I got caught up at the greyhound rescue, petting these sweet creatures..when...

 Mr. Magoo helped himself to their inviting pool.

And then he decided he was staying. 

I'm off to sleep after a mid-afternoon martini. I have been without sleep for so long, that I stopped being tired! I am hoping the vodka may take over, and guide me to sleep..

This song is a beautiful remake. It was on the playlist for 50 Shades series, compiled by the author. And it just tugs at my heartstrings...over, and over...

**You can find the complete youtube playlists for all three books at the Author's website under Music.


Rachel said...

The book hasn't sucked me in like it has most other people. And I'm bummed. Sure, it's juicy. And sure it's unrealistic. And I want to finish it. It's just taking me FOREVER.

If your body is a temple, mine must be a mansion! said...

I JUST downloaded the second book and cannot wait to dive headfirst into it tonight. After the first book, I was of the mind that parts of this are so good, and parts are just soo wrong (not even in the porn sense, but the Christian is kinda obsessive with Ana sense). Can't wait to see what awaits in Darker.

Can you link to the playlist?

Fizzgig said...

that stinks. it took about halfway thru for me to not be able to put it down. Guess you wont be moving on to book 2 or 3?

ugh the end just ends, and you have to start the next book!! i was so tempted to read the end of book 3 thats what kept me going lol. I'll put the link up!

Teena in Toronto said...

Can I play in the pool with Mr. Magoo?

Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Just be honest. Did you like it or not? lol

I've heard mixed reviews, but seeing what these books have done for (to?) you my just finally get me reading.

Fizzgig said...

i know, right? it looks like fun!

I didn't think it was THAT obvious! lol I wasn't about it and refused for months to read it. It didn't seem up my alley at all. but somewhere around the middle of book one, you genuinely want to see these two happy.

sure, he's a controlling asshole who likes hard core sex, but their journey together is amazing. love!

OBM.cle said...

i LOVE the remake of "wherever you will go." Even if i am anti-50 shades, i can appreciate the music : )

Fizzgig said...

for sure, it is the most def better than the original, who knew the song was so romantic?