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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids...And by Kids, I mean the Four Legged Kind..

Mr. Magoo gives me his "bad eye" as I'm trying to read about Christian and Anastasia once again.
I kinda think that one day...there will be children in therapy, sighting neglect due to 50 shades of Grey.

Lucky for me, animals don't talk. (just one of a billion other reasons I prefer animals to human children, but to each their own!!!)

However, Mr. Magoo learned the fine art of being intrusive when I am otherwise engaged....from his cat siblings. When such a cute face comes between you and your book, you have to scratch the belly...right?

Since we are talking about animals....

Magoo sometimes likes to be held like a baby. Honestly..I make him let me hold him this way, but he doesn't object

Yet another adorable interspecies interaction...Mr. Magoo was licking his cat sister's head for a few minutes...

Fizzgig ate all the catnip, and it seems that Mr. Magoo somehow understood her frustration. I have the sweetest animals!


Debbie said...

Ah, love the pics of your babies. As someone who has both, let me tell you that dog babies have many advantages over their human counterparts.

It always makes me laugh to see your cat's name. Who was named after whom? :-)

Fizzgig said...

Of course, I named Mr. Magoo after "the" Magoo, due to his one blind eye. Fizzgig, got her name from Fizzgig in Jim Henson's "the dark crystal" i always wanted to name a pet after this creature, and she is the spitting image, so it worked out perfect!!!

Jas said...

These animals are insanely adorable!!

Teena in Toronto said...


I love my furkids!