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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The "C" Word...

Most of my Moms side of the family has fallen victim to Cancer.

All that I feel I can do in their memories, is raise money for research, with relay for life events, and even my doggie, Mr. Magoo has done a walk for cancer.  I am still so surprised that after all of these years, that there is no cure.

My aunt, that I never met, my Mom's sister, died of cancer when she just had my cousin, before I was even born. My grandparents raised him as their child.

Both of my maternal grandparents, lost their battles with cancer.

Two of my maternal uncles, died of cancer.

My paternal grandfather, cancer.

And this brings us to my maternal Aunt, still living!! My most favorite Aunt Nora...Breast cancer. She was diagnosed several years ago, and has been fighting a good fight for a long time!!

After several years in remission... she just found out, she has lymphoma. That isn't good. 

I am now planning not only my summer vacation to see my sister, but another early fall trip to South Carolina to see my favorite Aunt, and Cousins, in hopes to spend some quality fun time before she leaves this earth. It hardly seems fair. Someone so full of life, and laughter, is riddled with a horrible disease, that we have no control over.

I can't imagine all the pain my Mom has gone thru losing her siblings, and parents....I want to be able to take her to spend time with her sister before she is too sick to enjoy our company.

If you do nothing else tonight, think some positive thoughts for our family. Cancer is a horrible thing, that should not be able to take such amazing people out of our lives. We just hope for one more visit full of laughs, games, and enjoying the company with our amazing family.


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Although it sounds childish, the first thing to come to mind is "cancer sucks." it takes the best and the brightest, and even though we try so hard to take care of ourselves, there is no real protection.

I lost my sister to cancer when she was only 43, so I can empathize with your pain. You and your family are in my thoughts.

OBM.cle said...

I HATE cancer!!!

lots of love and prayers being sent your families way.


Fizzgig said...

thank you so much! cancer is disgusting!!

Rachel said...

Thinking of your family, girly! xo