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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scenic Running...

I am very lucky to not only live close to an amazing metropark, where I like to run..but  I also live close to the Buckeye Trail. People travel for miles to experience what is in my own backyard. Sometimes when you just "don't wanna run", this is exactly what you need!

I've been running on trails before, but this was my first one that was so daunting. It was more of a hike given the extreme hills, and water crossings, but we did run the flats. (probably only 2.5-3 miles of actual running) and I got some amazing pictures along the way.

I did 6 miles here with my girlfriend, who is training for an ultra this fall. She is doing 30 miles. I think she is insane, as she has not even done a full marathon yet, but I admire her tenacity!

Sometimes you have to stop and drink in the beauty! I tripped over about 5 tree roots, one time so badly I came inches from face-planting into my girlfriends ass....

We saw several deer scaling the huge hills with such ease. I decided then, that running up and down those hills is surely easy when you have four legs!

We talked about me pacing her on her 30 miles for maybe 5 miles. They allow someone to run with you for portions of it. I think it will be great fun to go in all energetic, and do a measely 5 miles and tell her to kick it into gear!!

Yet another water crossing. Luckily it hadn't rained in a while so we were able to get across these all on rocks, and not get wet. I had on my new Adidas running shoes, I'd have protested!

I just thought this was beautiful...

Our destination, and treat after 5.5 miles, was stopping after a short detour to enjoy Blue Hen Falls before the end. I scaled my way to the top of the waterfall for this picture and my girlfriend said "don't fall, I'd feel really bad if you did"...uhhh....thanks...for that!

Another waterfall shot from the top!

More up close Blue Hen Falls..

The view from a "set up" vantage point behind a fence....fence, schmence...

Last, but not least, 87 steps that were so easy to go down, but after 5.5 miles, going up these was quite the undertaking on our way to 6 miles! They go well into the top of the hill...on and on...And the hills we scaled were even steeper than this.

It was nice to get out of the gym for a run, and off the towpath running trail, and see some nature! Plus there was a group of hot male bikers doing the same trail (how they scaled the hills is beyond me!!!) We passed them on our way out, and again on our way back. One guy said "you girls on your way back already? you are strong!!"

Yea. A stranger said we were strong. It was a pretty awesome moment for us!


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

So pretty! What a great place to run. I'm lucky that I have a beautiful area to run, but it looks sooooo different from yours.

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like a great place for a hike.

Fizzgig said...

i know, right? we are on complete opposite sides of the country, amazing the difference in scenery!

but wait...there's more! I've been branching out, and becoming one with nature, so much beauty I havn't seen since I was young! i don't know what's kept me away!

Rachel said...

I've hiked the buckeye trail before. It's intense! Good for you girly!