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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Running "Cross Country" and "Barking for Life"...

So, I ran a 5k this weekend for the animals. When I arrived 45m early to register, I was kind of unimpressed that I didn't get a bib, and was informed that the race would not be timed. Ok. At least I'm still running a 5k, and the animals get my money.

Then, at the start line, it was explained that the course was "cross country" and then when the "director" told us the route, I went completely blank. Was I suppose to remember what he just said? Yes, I was, because the course wasn't marked! "It was self explanatory". Uhh. what?

It was just around some grassy terrain, (running in the grass??) , and then run up the "giiiinormoussssss sled riding hill" and down. (run, I did not, I barely walked this massive hill!!)

It was literally a wide open field of tall grass, with some paths mowed out, and you were suppose to remember where to go along the course, which included some looping, and doubling back.

There was a point when I thought I have to be done because while I couldn't find my way to the finish I heard the times being called out to the finishers, and it was around the 30 minute mark so I decided I would quit, and used the port-o-let.

When I emerged from the toilet I saw people I had passed a while back still running past the toilets.I thought, maybe I'm not done, so I fell in line and started running again. Then after a few minutes I realized I had already gone on this leg of the course.

All in all I probably ran 4 miles vs a 5k and I have no idea what my real 5k time was. But at the end of the day I got a workout, and I helped homeless animals, so I'm OK with it.

After my run I went home to gather up Mr. Magoo, so we could do the "Bark for Life" walk for cancer. It was two long miles for stumpy shih-poo legs, but he looked so cute doing it with his adorable purple bandana like the other doggies. As usual he was a hit, and everyone loved him. Especially the rescue that I got him from, that was one of the vendors at the event. They just love seeing their dogs happy!!!

He would not pose with his cute purple relay bandana on, so I tricked him into this picture by asking him if he wanted to go "buh-bye". I might go to hell for that. 

Our favorite part of the day (by our, I mean me and my dog, I'm totally lame) was watching the police dog demonstration at the park. Police dogs are pretty bad-ass, and so smart!

Then, after his walk and day with the doggies, he was more than happy to let me take a million pictures of him crashed out on the rug. Two miles, and hours of butt sniffing, is a lot for a shih-poo.


Rachel said...

Whaaaaat? Not marked!? That's crazy. Even cross-country courses are supposed to be marked. Well, at least you're able to take a positive outlook on it! At least you finished the 5k(ish)! :) LOL Congrats, girly!

Carolyn G said...

That is the most willy-nilly run I have heard of. LOL I can't believe you had to sort of guess where you were going.

I <3 Mr. magoo!!!

Fizzgig said...

it was so confusing, but at least I know I don't like cross country running for the future!! It was a small operation, I would guess there was only about 30 participants.

I know, right? It was funny everyone was laughing and confused...at least I wasn't the only one!

Awe, thx, Mr. Magoo is pretty charming!