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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Putting the "Ass" in "Assisting"...A.K.A...Being A Good Boss...

I have had a long and sordid career in the business of assisting. I didn't go to college, so, I have depended on my high school vocational training (Office Systems Specialist!) to get my foot in the door, and then relied on my amazing work ethic, and willingness to learn, to take it from there.

After lots of mediocre jobs...I finally landed a really low-paying job as a secretary (not even an Administrative Assistant) at a ginormous company, assisting 4 Vice Presidents, at about half the pay of being a marketing assistant to ONE person, at my previous job. (while also working a night job doing data entry to make ends meet)

Luckily, I had an awesome boss and mentor at the time, and my ability to learn, and grow, work two jobs and still be "present", and train new employees got me a promotion in a little over a year, which doubled my salary, (this took me from "hourly" to "salary") and allowed me to quit the second job (when she told me my new salary, I cried, and said I was turning in my 2 week notice that the night at the second job) and now I supervise all the assistants to the Vice Presidents at my company.

I also take on the added role of assisting one of the executives when his assistant is out. Now, I am doing this for FOUR weeks. And I love it! I love being busy, doing my regular work, and still developing my employees. 

What I am most proud of, in all of this, is that I haven't forgotten where I started, and I love to learn and understand everything myself, before I pass it off on one of the Secretaries to do. I fill in for them in their absence, so when they come back they are not overwhelmed, and their VP's have no lapse in "service" while they are out.

This has gained me the respect, and appreciation of those that I supervise, and those that they support.

I believe that a good boss knows the job that they are supervising, and everything that goes into it! Not just how to delegate, and manage.

There is nothing like receiving countless thank you cards, and appreciative emails from the people that work for you. I love those moments when one of the girls tells me they are so thankful to have me as a boss, and that they love working for me.

I wish more "bosses" took such an active interest in what their employee's do on a day to day basis. In my opinion, this is the way you manage.

It keeps you connected, and appreciative of all the hard work your employees do.


Carolyn G said...

That sounds awesome. I think I would make a sucky ass boos because I would be dictator like. But I appreciate bosses like you who know the importance of their workers.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

this is great, congratulations!!

with my new position i have an administrative assistant for the first time in my life and i'm so not used to it -- i just do everything myself!! i'm a control freak like that, but i need to stop that :)

whitespace said...

Great PA's will always been in demand as well. I actually built up my skills and then went freelance so I am now a Virtual PA. I have lots of clients, I pick my own hours and I pick who I want to work for.

I don't earn as much money as I did when I worked full-time for a company, but I love my life a lot more and couldn't be happier.

Being appreciated is worth more than money...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

If all bosses were like you then the world would be a much better place.

Fizzgig said...

i was a micro manager when i was first promoted, it took a lot of growth lol

use your assistant! she probably feels unappreciated!

that sounds veryyyy interesting!!

i agree. i miss my old boss, it's nice to have someone want to teach you to be better.

whitespace said...

Google Virtual Assistant and read more. You have lots of bosses yet none (I fired one last week) I charge £25 per hour ($40) and I can do my work when I like as long as there's no deadline. I even worked from a converted barn in France last year as well as checking in when I was in Rome for a week for my birthday. You'd be very good at it I think...

Carmen said...

Awesome - it's a great feeling to know that people you supervise appreciate you!