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Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Aging Gracefully...

Alot of things may make you feel like you are getting older. Aches and pains, crows feet, sagging body parts...all your friends have kids that are graduating high school, or driving, or even talking back to them.

Not me, I still feel like a spring chicken for the most part...but one thing has really set me back.

My tooth. 

I have had a tooth problem with one tooth in particular (last molar on top) for about 6+ years. My fear of the dentist kept me away, for years, and when I finally went because it was so painful, they had to take half of it off to clean it out (she actually said "dig it out") and reconstruct it due to a fracture beneath the gumline that let a lot of crap creep in there.


Then I had two root canals on it, (they couldn't find the third root, and I had to go back for another one after seeing a specialist, who did find my third root, because of course I was a "special case") and it still gets infected every other week, and causes me pain, and a disgusting taste in my mouth.

I'm sure this is why I'm still single. I probably have wicked halitosis......

The tooth itself doesn't hurt since the root canals, it's the jaw. She packed it, and sealed it as best she could, but told me after my umpteenth visit, that if I continue to have pain, I will have to have it pulled.

The time has come when I am having it pulled.

Nothing makes me feel older, than having a tooth pulled.

I have horrible visions of me at 70 with all my top teeth spaced out and horribly jacked up due to the missing tooth.

I have put up with the pain long enough. Finally today, I called for my last antibiotic script, and made the appointment to have it yanked. This brought on all sorts of old person fears.

Who has a tooth pulled at 36? When did 36 become the age you have a tooth pulled???

While it really does bother me to have a tooth taken out at such a young age (young!), mostly, I'm just irritated that I can't enjoy my wine or martini's this weekend because I'm on 2,000mg (yes!)  of antibiotics a day until I see the dentist. That seems excessive!


Allison M. said...

About when I saw "the third root" I'm pretty sure I grabbed my mouth, imagining the sheer pain that a root canal must be.

Fizzgig said...

i always say i can still feel pain when they start, even though i can't i get extra novacain shots, so i really feel nothing for half a day! lol

the best part of my day... said...

Oh dear....that's sucks, friend. You'll make it through. And I sense they'll be loads of wine in your future following the procedure. Ummmm. ... You're right about Dukes. What a doll, eh?

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm soooooo not a fan of the dentist :(

Fizzgig said...

i can't wait for the wine.....i'm off the wagon with the antibiotics...grrr.

Carmen said...

I've had five teeth pulled - three wisdom teeth (I fought to keep the fourth) and two other teeth when I was getting braces... I also have had three root canals done by a dentist and two re-done by an endodontist because of a third root... it sounds like we're teeth twins, but not in a good way. Thank god I have dental coverage at work - I think my mouth is worth at least $60,000!