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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Race Bug...

I am officially signed up for the Akron Marathon again this year. Of course, I know the terrain, as it is in my home town, so I am not up to doing a half on my own just yet. It is very, hilly.

Instead, I enlisted 4 coworkers, 3 of which are not runners at all, but want to be, to do the relay with me. We get a significant discount thru work, so it was sort of easy to get them to sign up! I am the team captain and I am organizing our practice runs on each of our legs of the race!

I got stuck with the longest leg, 7.5 miles, but it will be easy by September. I have a few 5k's in between there, and I plan to start more "street" running so I will hopefully do my 7.5 in about 70 minutes. 

It is so exciting to get caught up in the excitement of someone else's first race,  I know how awesome it feels, no matter how small the distance, to run in such a big race!

I can't wait until we have all finished, and are sharing our stories at Canal Park, while enjoying our post-race beers!! And, I'm certain that after this,  I will have more people to run races with!

If you are in the area, and you love animals, this coming weekend is the run for the paws to benefit the Stark County Humane Society. Hopefully I don't leave with a new dog! Actually, someone should probably come and be my chaperone, so this does not happen.

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