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Friday, May 18, 2012

Mary Katherine..

This is a pretty awesome topic, but I know I cannot be the only girl in the world with this problem. I have learned so much from fellow bloggers over the years, and I'm sure this may turn up a tip or two.

You know the girl, from SNL, that always smelled her pits? I've become that girl. 

I don't even remember when it started, but what I do know, is that when I was over 100lbs overweight, I didn't have a sweating problem at all. Sure, I was out of breath, and got sweaty, but not to the point that it overpowered my anti-persperant. At least my pits remained dry.

Since embarking on my weight-loss journey, I've noticed an increase in sweating. Not just when I work out, but any time I exert myself. I've read that fit people sweat more sometimes when their body temps are lower, at the beginning of a workout. Ok, I'll take "more" but not to this point.

Some time ago, my anti-persperant quit working. Not to the point where I smelled, because I glob on the deoderant. I mean, I count to 30 on each underarm, 30 passes up and down. But the ANTI quit working in the persperant.

I don't sweat at rest from head to toe. Just my pits. Which is pretty awesome at the office, when you walk around with rings of sweat under your arms in your nice clothes.

I've tried everything. Every type, every brand, and every form of anti-persperant. The worst of which is mens' brands. Theirs doesn't even stop you from sweating at all, and you smell awful! I wonder what people thought about me when I had on my Old Spice deoderant? Why don't men need anti-persperant? They have hairy pits! How come they just need deoderant?

Winter, spring, summer and fall, I suffer from excessive sweaty pits. Sometimes, I stuff tissues in there to stop it. I go to someones desk to answer a question, and leave a trail of wadded up tissues in my wake. Awesome!

I put it on in the morning. I put it on before I workout. I put it on after I shower. I put it on again before bed.  I put it on randomly at my desk. (I haven't been caught yet) it doesn't matter. I still have sweaty pits.

My last stop before confessing to my Dr. that I have a sweaty pit problem was shelling out $12 for clinical strength anti-persperant, which was somewhat a crapshoot, because it only contained 1% more of the active ingredient than the last kind I bought and costs $5 more.

Did this work? No. It didn't, and at least this time, I get to send in my receipt, and UPC code for a full refund, which I am totally doing because I am older now, and value a dollar. 

I have looked up medical conditions that cause this, which were ruled out by my recent biometric screening.

Short of botoxing my pits (Arrrrgh!!) I am at a loss.

So, anyone else in my sweaty pit boat? I don't mind floating alone. Sometimes it is pretty sweet to be the pioneer!


Ivori said...

Lady! I have the same problem too and like you, I just deal with it utilizing homeopathic remedies as you noted (tissue balling, etc)... But, when I just can't take it anymore I buckle down and use Certain Dri (roll-on anti-perspirant in the white/green box and it's only like $4-5) at night as directed and my regular deodorant during the day. Usually after 3 nights of this (and the insane urge to tear my underarms out all night)my 'pit' problem goes away... But I have to warn you, when you are a 'sweater', boy, you will sweat no matter what - thanks to the Certain Dri though it comes out in the form of back sweat, boob sweat, and forehead sweat =) At least the pit sweats will be gone though!!

Ivori said...

And just for giggles...read the reviews on Certain Dri on Amazon!

Good stuff!!