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Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok so before last weekend, all I knew about greyhounds was they were racing dogs, and people rescue them from being murdered after they hit their "prime" racing age. And, the Simpson's had one.

Last weekend, manfriend and me went to petsmart where there was a greyhound rescue and they were the sweetest dogs. They didn't jump, they didn't yap, they weren't excitable, they were slow and steady, and sweet.

They have beautiful deer-like eyes too. I've been somewhat obsessed with learning more about them ever since that day. I'm haunted by them. I really. Really want one. I never thought I'd want a big dog either.

Of course my current situation does not allow for me to have a large dog. I'm paying basically a second car payment (actually more than my car payment) to taxes each month. So the best thing to do when you really want something is to get it.

I think I need to buy a house. For realz. Stop wishing for something and get it. There are a lot of not so happy sacrifices that come along that path, but the end result, will be my own house. That I can paint. Garden. Rip up the carpets. Replace the cabinets. Fence the yard. Build a pond. Have a greyhound. You know, the essentials.

Once I get my mind on something....I generally attain it.

If I see it I will have it.


Amber said...

My dad has a couple greyhounds and they really are sweet dogs. Becareful when you have them with your cats... they could eat them!

Andhari said...

I always want a dog : big dog, small dog doesn't matter. Maybe a golden retriever for the big one and chihuahua/ bichon fraise for the small one. Too bad my family hates all types of pets and I'm allergic :( but I hope you can get one someday.

Fizzgig said...

i did read some have the prey instinct really bad, and others love cats. i saw pics of them snuggling with them. awwww. i know my cats have no desire to eat anything, even when i had a mouse in the house. they are very docile.

omg i love bichons too!!!!! and westies!

Teena in Toronto said...

I love dogs! And like that there are these rescues so that "work" dogs get to retire in style.

mylittlebecky said...

i so need a house as well, sigh good luck! greyhounds are pretty cute, my fav part is that they usually have bunny soft fur :)

heather said...

my aunt rescued 2 greyhounds and they are the sweetest dogs i've ever met. and! they love her cats.