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Friday, August 28, 2009

I love spinning my wheels...

So works been super hectic. I had a big meeting where a bunch of people come in for training for the week and we have to perpare for that. One of my girls was out the week prior, one was out the week of. This happened because they moved the meeting after vacations were scheduled.

I'm still playing catch up with my normal month end stuff for July. This weekend is month end for August. I have reviews to do, and an annoying coworker to deal with. Training, and preparing for another super huge meeting in two weeks. In other words. I'm freaking swamped.

One thing thats part of getting ready for the next big meeting, was preparing year to date awards for the stores that we do each year. Its a super huge job, that yeilds about 10,000 awards, and I have to meticulously pick each person that gets the award to make sure the right person is awarded.

Then I have someone else meticulously check my work. Then it's approved. Then awards are made. Um, this takes about 4 days of non-stop number crunching.

Today, I was informed we were not doing awards this year.

No one told the people who PREPARE the awards, cus, communication isn't part of our MISSION STATEMENT or anything. That's PLASTERED all over this building. That's REQUIRED to be posted in your cubicle. That we HAVE to take a FOUR HOUR class to dissect the MISSION STATEMENT.

I'm a little pissed off.

That's complete shit.

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Courtney said...

No fucking way!!! That's such bullshit.