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Sunday, March 18, 2012

On Meeting Bret Michaels For the Second Time...(but...not really)

I've only been out to the bars, a couple of times as the "new me where I've lost half a person's weight" that didn't include dancing at our favorite gay bar.

It was great fun meeting new people, and getting digits. Whaaat? (I'm pretty aware that this makes me sound 17, but I really don't care.)

Those "digits" will probably just die with this blog post, but nonetheless, it was still a whole new world for me. Fun as that stuff is, at the end of the night, I don't think the future Mr. Me is going to surface at an Irish drunken festival downtown.

This schmoe was at the bar we started at. All the drunk fools seriously thought this was Bret Michaels. Ok, maybe he resembled him, but they all called him Bret. And did body shots with him, and had photo ops. (omg Bret Michaels...)

Before even going out, I received this guys picture on my cell phone from one of my bestie's stating "Bret Michaels is at the Barley House". She loved him more than I did, so I was surprised she fell for it!

But, ummm..question....where are all his tats? Perhaps I hadn't had enough green beer to fall for it like so many before me. And most importantly, why the hell would Bret Michaels make an impromptu stop at a random downtown Akron, Ohio bar on St. Patrick's Day? Not like he had a concert or anything??

Having met Bret Michaels, myself, and having been on his tour bus, I'd have to say, this was the biggest laugh of the night!

How did you ring in St. Patrick's Day 2012?


Jas said...

WHAT. I totally fell for it until you mentioned the tattoos. Then I felt the emptiness of all of my shame.

Allison M. said...

I had an absolute blast with the weather and can't wait to enjoy it all week long!

CLEshopaholic said...

LOL. Laser tattoo removal? We totally saw a guy wearing fake tattoo sleeves at The Thirsty Parrot!!

Fizzgig said...

CLE: if this guy was smart, he'd have sported some fake tattoo sleeves to complete his look!!

Anonymous said...

Lol! I've met him too and I think it's hilarious that it wasn't him and ppl think it was!