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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Beach...It's is all about perception...

This year, is my first official "race season".

I will do my first half marathon in May this year, at the Cleveland Marathon (mostly, I'm super excited to display my 13.1 magnet on the pretty white fusion!!)

As much as I still can't believe I'm a runner, I still can't believe I get caught up in all the "race" hype, but... it is oh-so-much fun to be a part of race day! And until you do it, you will never understand!

Run to the beach will be my first race this season on April 21st. I'm only doing a 5k, which is a cake walk, (I was afraid to try anything before my half but this will be easy! And my MOM is coming to watch me!!) and it's benefiting the fireworks I grew up watching. A few years back, they were in danger of not having fireworks, but now I get to be one of the citizens that helps to make it happen!

In the little city (Akron, OH) this is our beach. (It's not near as big as the 'big city' Cleveland's Lake Erie...) But...we have swimming, and lake bars, and boating and it's "ours" and we love it! I grew up swimming here every weekend! And in my latter years, spent many nights having dinner, and cocktails on the lake bars' patios, with the warm summer air blowing, and music blaring with all my awesome my friends!

One of our favorite local "haunts" this is the upper deck!

And a personal favorite is Hook Line and Drinkers. They have the best bands, and the best outdoor deck!

If you want to support a great cause, at a great lake, and have fun in the meantime, you can still sign up to run to the beach!

Otherwise just check back for an amazing race update!

I am so excited!!


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

As someone who had followed your blog (and your life!) for the last couple years, I think I'm almost as excited as you are about your race season. Are you following a half marathon training plan?

Never say only a 5k. Yes, it is just 3.1 miles, but the challenge is to run that 3.1 miles a little faster each time. Are you game? After all that is what race season is all about. :-)

If your body is a temple, mine must be a mansion! said...

Thanks for this - I was JUST looking for another race to get in before the marathon on May. Congrats on doing the 1/2! While I am doing the 10k in may - I am hoping to cross a 1/2 off my list this year - maybe in the fall.

Fizzgig said...

thank you thank you!! Who woulda thought? you are right, and I like that idea! I ran a 5k leg in the relay for the akron marathon last year, so I am going to re-visit my time, and aim to beat it! Brilliant!!

I'm just trying to run split 8miles, (4 on lunch and 4 after work, the second im only doing 3 days a week) and in the next week or so i want to add a long weekend run consecutively. One thing i read was to add more protein, and i found out that split peas have more protein than CHICKEN and i LOVE split peas!!

no problem, and good luck on your 10k!!!!!! that's exciting as well!