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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Evade Your Taxes...

So the saga goes with my taxes as such. You know, I pay my federal taxes, I pay my state taxes, I pay my city taxes, and then, I have to pay another city income tax because I live in a stupid fucked up city that makes you pay more taxes for living there.

Only, they dont take it out of your check they make you pay it out of your pocket. I've lived there since 2005, and I owe them from that year. I paid on it here and there.

Back up. I use to work two jobs for 4 years. Because of that I owed a buttload in taxes...you know because i worked two jobs to get ahead, and thats the american way....I ended up in more debt. I paid off my federal, and this year actually got a refund. (holla)

City? Notsomuch. I think its crap so I avoid paying it. I paid it here and there, but the there became more prevelant, and eventually they sent my case to court.

Where I was informed via a summons, and when I called them, they told me I couldn't contest it unless I thought I was wrongfully charged. Which...I wasn't I owed the money. Even if it was wrong.

They said they'll send me a letter to make payments, or they will garnish my wages. So I've been anxiously awaiting said papers. They came.

By payments they mean, I can pay 25% of my paycheck to them. Mind you, I don't have 25% of my paycheck after bills to myself, so how can I pay that to them?

The second option is to let them garnish my wages. Somehow they come up with this figure, garnishment is 60 times the federal minimum wage rate. (because I'm paid bi-weekly....otherwise its more) so, thats almost $500.

Have I mentioned I owe a mere $611? While it doesn't seem like much, I have no savings. I live check to check.

On top of this bullshit, I got a letter from Chase visa that they closed my account. That I've paid over on and never late for 4 years. The reason? My other cards are too close to their limits. They are, because I've been transferring money from my Chase (at 29% interest) onto the smaller rates to pay it off. I had over 1500 free on my chase visa. Now, that will go against my credit.

Manfriend offered to help me if I needed it. He's super cute and it's very thoughtful, but I have a hard time letting anyone help me. Thus my working two jobs for 4 years. I am uncomfortable when other people pay for me to do things too, I dont like to be a mooch! I'm trying to find a job to take on for a while. This is nuts. I make good money, and I'm in trouble.

That's what's wrong with the world today.

The moral of this story is pay your taxes.
Even though its a crock of shit, that you pay triple taxes on money you earn. And then move out of the city that makes you pay stupid taxes, and go to another city, where e-check seems like small potatos in comparison. That is the only perk of living in my county. I'm beginning to favor traffic noise, over listening to dirt bikes all day/night in the woods.
And then, take up a collection with me and buy an island, where non of this bullshit will happen to any of us! Come on!


Allison M. said...

I served for the last three years and it was amazing how much my refund went down when i entered in that W2.

I thought I was working ahead...

LBluca77 said...

Taxes are a bitch. But I think if they garnish your wages the 25% is taken out of your gross amount.

Which I guess makes no sense that they garnish you before taking out taxes. But then at least it will get paid off faster and the amount they take out would normally go to taxes and not you bank account so that money is money you would not be bringing home anyway.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Ms. Megan said...

There is a cap on how much they can garnish... not sure how much that is... They have to leave you enough money to live...

I am fiercly independent too and I can't accept money from anyone... it sucks sometimes but at least we have our pride :-)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

this sucks, and im sorry you are having to go through with this.

it doesn't help that the credit card companies are going through hell too so they don't exactly make it easy on us.

mylittlebecky said...

taxes, pfft. what jerks. also, fingers crossed for workoutage! feel better hug!

Carolyn G said...

Never ever not pay your taxes is a great lesson. But have manfriend help. THen pay him back, sign a contract but get it paid off. Boo IRS.