"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dreaming in Color...

About a week ago, I dreamt my manfriend knocked out my ex BF, Z for coming to my door. He hit him once, and his head came open and he bled to death in seconds. Pow! Then my manfriend went to jail. Boo hoo.

That ex called me again yesterday. I hope my manfriend doesn't go to jail. He calls. Leaves me a voicemail saying its him and to answer the phone, and then calls me 3 more times. I never answer him. I don't understand why he still calls me.

Last night, I dreamt I got fired. I came to work and they were cleaning out my desk. I asked why and they wouldnt tell me. I left, and was really upset, of course, and had to move in with my Mom. I got to work today and told my coworker about my dream and she said "Oh my god, I dreamt the same thing!!". Meaning, she also dreamt I got fired.

Apparently, she says it was good because I ended up making more money. So then I looked up online why I dreamt that, and it said "you want to end a relationship in waking life".

I said to my coworker "maybe I got fired for looking up my dreams online"......

I am exhausted from my weekend. I was up until......wait for it, 8:30 am on saturday/sunday. How insane is that? We went to bed around 5 though. So, you figure what happened in between there. All I will say is at 8:30, when I got out of bed, there was a perfect sweat impression of me in the sheets.

And that my friends, is something to be jealous of!


Anonymous said...

You got that right - I'm super jealous!!!

LiLu said...

Rowwwwwr! Love it.

Allison M. said...

someone told me when your teeth fall out it means you are going to win money.

no money won yet.

Andhari said...

Jealous indeed ;)

Anyhoo, what is it about people having weird dreams these days? 4 or so bloggers I know wrote about it..is it some special week I don't know of?

Fizzgig said...

im finally not so worn out from it.

its great to have that with someone fo show!

the teeth falling out means fear of change, i use to have that all the time.

i hope its just something weird in the air! im sick of the dreams!