"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Battoning down the hatches...

There's a storm a brewin'. The second job said no penalty if we dont go in on Tuesday. Technically, it is Tuesday, but only midnight. Spose to get 8 inches I think, and like Kat said, that's not 8 inches in a good way. Wink, wink. I'm hoping we get called off work in the morning. Nevermind that I havn't been there for 4 days. I'm friggin sick people. I took mucinex and all that did was make me hack up both lungs. Not much mucus either. Mmmm. Mommas been at her friends and wont come back til im better. Today she got me medicine, and vicks, and cough drops. Know why it's awesome to have your Mommy back? There's a reason!

So Saturday night my guy came over, and he is just about the cutest thing on earth. Yea, he really is. He made us (fake...mmm and he ate some) chicken quesedillas. And some velveeta and chili dip. While we were in the kitchen we did gross stuff like kiss, and grab each other's butts, and flirt, and giggle... all that lovey dovey stuff that use to make me puke. The food was good, but it made me sweat from the spices. He also patted my back cus he said it would help, what do I know he's the paramedic, and it did feel good. Dinner was yummy, but the best part was cuddlin up on the couch to watch a movie under the comforter. Ahhhh. I love that one. A whole lotta lot! I am gonna steal him up some day I don't know how but I will....*devises evil plan*

He also gave me his old mp3 player! Me, living in the 21st century. Hellooo...Can you even believe it? I am so excited! He even put some meditations on there for me, one for sleep, and one for concentration that I tried out at work typing, it's awesome. I can't begin to explain how freaking cool it is to have a guy in my life that is into the same spirituality as me. I guess I know now why say, Catholics stick together. It does make a difference.

So, I've been saving all sorts of stuff to my new mp3 player. I'm in the process of downloading a Nora Roberts book to listen to at work! How fun is that? Oh, did I mention how I've been subpoena'd due to not paying my local taxes where I live? Nice. Haul me away why doncha. Like I didn't pay the city I work in 2% already? Plus, I owe federal $196. I just love tax season, don't you?

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Kentucky Girl said...

Better to sit and sweat than to sit around and fart, eh? LOL!!