"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, February 04, 2008

Well, it's Monday...

Yes, I've been busy today, making calls to stores, asking for pictures of people. People who won trips to Hawaii. Yea, I got to hear people say how they have been there already and aren't excited about the trip they WON, and don't have to PAY for, or use their VACATION time to go on. Some people are fucking ungrateful, that's what they are!

I didn't go to work on Friday night, instead, I went to Cleveland and had a fantastic evening with my boyfriend! We went to dinner with some of his friends, and went to a few bars. At first, I thought we were in a gay bar, cus there were a lot of gay folks, don't get me wrong, I think whatever floats your boat! But, I'm from a small town in comparison, we don't see that very much. One guy and girl did like a coreographed dance to Justin Timberlake. Like in the movies, it was hilarious.

I was actually hit on at the next bar when I went to get bar sour for the man (he had hiccups, it works). Know how long it's been since a complete stranger tried to pick me up? Long time. I told him I was getting a drink for my boyfriend, and left. Being hit on also makes me uncomfortable! We ended the evening at a hookha bar, which was a first for me, and a pretty good time! There were comfy couches, and we got grape flavored. Mmmmm. I had so much fun hangin with my guy, and his friends, it's nice to feel like a part of his life.

Saturday I had to be up at the buttcrack of dawn ( 7:30 after going to bed around 4 am) to take my Reiki class. Which, I'll blog about another time, cus it was quite amazing. Then I picked my Momma up and we went to get our hair done. I was so hungry and tired I was sick. Bleh. Momma got me some cheese sticks though, not the best thing to eat but it got rid of the nausea! I got another color in with my normal hilights, to darken it up a bit. It's not a huge difference but it looks better. After that I took mom around to look at houses cus she is considering moving back up here. I'm not holding my breath or anything. It would be nice, but...

Then I finally took a 2 hour nap and got myself ready to go out again, with my peeps, and the man. We went to the local bar, and had a lot of fun. I lost at silverstrike. I didn't even break 100. Boo. I enjoyed flirting with my guy, and grabbing his butt and what-not, which one cannot help cus it's so grab-able. Kat's boss thought he was my brother, so that was the joke of the evening. My brother is HOTTTT! We left that bar and went to the pool hall for about an hour. The topic of conversation was anal bleaching, seventies bush, and childbirth. Wow, we're freaking cool!

Yesterday we got up early too, at like 10, but we had a nice wake up wink wink. Then he took me to Bob Evans for a delicious breakfast, and we ended up napping together on the couch downstairs listening to some tunes. *sigh* it was quite awesome spending a whole weekend with my guy, which is even more incentive to quit the second job. I hope it isn't long til I can afford it. I miss life. He makes me giddy, I can't stand it!


babylamb said...

Free Vacation!!! I need to come work for your company. I was employee of the year a couple years ago and got nothing....

I'm glad to hear your finally getting a little extra rest too.

Samsara said...

Hey Mon! I've been MIA no doubt! Wow. I've missed a lot. Anyhow, giddy is good girl! WTG. I am happy for you in that department. 2nd job, though...harsh right?

Mon said...

seriously, its a sales quota thing, if they make sales quota all year they go on a free trip. We, working in the corporate office, get jack shit. we get nothing, ever. except a jewelry discount.

Yes! MIA! I kept checking up on you too! Yea, a lot has happened. I am in loooooove! And it's a good one for once someone whos on the same spiritual path as me, which with my beliefs is hard to find. Yes, two jobs is hard! I'm hoping to be done soon!