"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Essential Reiki...

First things first, so, I'm not a millionaire. It's a disappointment cus I really thought I was winning. I didn't just hope think, I thought. It all started with doing the lottery job at work #2 last week. I had a feeling to play. All weekend I thought about it. I kept getting the urge to play. I got the excitement in my stomach like when you are going on vacation. Like I was really winning. I thought all yesterday about what I was doing with the money! I got a shut off notice on my electric. (which, they can fuck off cus I owe $106, and I've owed over $600 and never been shut off! I pay over half of what's due every month) In my diversity class? We talked about winning the lottery. At work, after I bought my ticket? I found my car buddha who's been missing for over a month, in my work bag. Signs? No...*Sigh* I'm not a millionaire.

I could attribute my "good feelings" to having my Reiki Attunement. My intuition has always been pretty good, but I would tend to stuff the thoughts I had down, and not trust them. What do I know? The more I listen to myself I see that I am more right than wrong, and it is a comfort. After an attunement, they say one of your senses will heighten and maybe I got my hopes up that it was intuition. All I can really say about my experience, is...woa. They say it will take 21 days to fully take effect, and it's life changing.

I have been struggling for about a year now, to find purpose in my life. I've read about Reiki for around two years, and kept wanting to get an attunement so I could help animals with it. (The short description is, Reiki is a Japanese art of healing using life energy) I put it off because the classes were in Cleveland, only twice a year, and very costly. The first step to finding my purpose in my opinion was reading the secret. Gaining the knowledge that you really can have everything you want, if you believe it. Change your thoughts, change your life, and much, much more.

Latley, I've been losing sight of all of this, and letting worry and stress come into my life. I knew I wanted more, but didn't know how to get it. That's when a friend from school offered to give me an attunement as a gift, because I kept asking about it, but couldn't afford the class. He said he and his wife had a feeling to do it and they learned not to ignore those pushes. I couldn't agree more. (except in the case of the lottery &*^%$#@)

The only thing I can use to describe being attuned, is the feeling I got in a group meditation when I was at the A.R.E with my sister this past September. it was a peaceful, whole feeling. And, my hands tingled. Afterwards, I tried it out on a level II practicioner. I really didn't expect to be able to feel anything, cus I've been touching people for a long time, (wink!)and not "feeling" anything. I did though. I could clearly feel vibrations coming off of her body, at about 6 inches above her. Hers were equal from top to bottom. She had just had an attunement, and the teacher said she should be consistant, but if there were a change in energy that was the chakra that is blocked.

That evening, I did a "Quick" treatment on my boyfriend. He'd been sick with a cold and cough, and is having neck pain. So, I did a quick treatment. He told me afterwards, that he felt tingly. Later, he said he felt "weird" and couldn't explain it. I let him know that if you are sick you can experience a "detox" and feel worse all at once, but then better. Which, the next day he said he did in fact feel better. He wasn't sick. Say whaaa? But then Monday, he says he felt more tired than usual. We were up til 4 am two days in a row. That was my first thought.

I reiki'd the cats, who seemed to enjoy it. The dog wasn't having it. She needs it most of all! The more I read about animal reiki, the more interested I am. How they take on our energies, and often don't want to be healed of it, because they are our protectors and see it as their purpose. I've communicated with my pets lots of times, using a pendulum. Which some people would think is crazy, but I am positive this is why our bonds are so strong. And even though it drives my Mom crazy, I'll never "come to my senses" and get rid of any of them. They are my heart.

Then..yesterday, out of nowhere I got a head cold, or sinus problems that normally would linger forever. Bam, runny, i went through half a box of kleenex, watery eyes, sneezing. But I 'felt' fine. I treated myself, and it went away. I mean, it went right away. It all may seem hard to believe if you know nothing about it, it was to me, and I'd studied it for a long time now. All I do know, is that I am filled with an inner peace that I am welcoming. I havn't stressed out about moving. Or finding a job. I'm letting things happen as they are meant to. And above all else, THAT is what I needed at this point in my life.

Oh, and this shirt came in the mail Monday from Cafe Press...love iiiit.


Frances said...

Reiki is amazing stuff.
Love the T-shirt.
Sending lots of good vibes your way.
Much bloglove,

Erin said...

The shirt is cute!

I have a friend who does this but I've never really been turned onto it... I guess it doesn't hurt to try!