"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 28, 2006

When "positive" is a good thing...

I watched the most interesting thing on Ellen a while back. These people were ontalking about the power of thought. There was some movie they did called "The Secret"I think you have to buy it. Anyway it was just about how you bring into your life the good and the bad by the way you think. This goes along with my favorite phrase, 'you don't become what you want, you become what you believe'. Positive thinking. I'm a believer. So the guy said to sit and meditate on what you want in your life every day, block out all distractions, and think soley of what you want. Eventually it will come into your life. Don't just think about it, picture yourself doing it, achieving it, in the situation. It's all about the fact that we subconsiously put into place the steps to get us where we want to be.

So, I was unemployed when I saw it. And CP had been a dick to me. So at first I tought about hooking up with someone else. A lot. It happened! Next, I thought about a job. Which, was hardnot having a job to think about besides the one I got canned from. But once I interviewed at my current job, that was all I thought about. I pictured myself at work, and working on the things they said the job entailed.

I got the job. I thought about CP acting like a decent human being to me...and now he is. I still don't believe it, so I'm not getting sucked back in but still...You have to admit its coincidental.
Which started me thinking about this whole positive thinking thing. I'm not talking about thinking "I wish I had a job" it's setting time aside to devote to meditation.

I decided the next thing I would draw into my life would be money. They said on the show if you want more money, not to think about debt, because most people think about their debt and draw more debt into their lives, then wonder why "I'm always in debt". To attract money, picture yourself with money, how you would live, what you would do, imagine being prosperous. So, uh, I did. A lot.

And wouldnt you know, life pulled it to me? First, I got that last severence check that will really help me out. Then..I got that second job. Yes, I know I said I didn't get it. Because the guy told me if I didn't hear from him by 7 that Friday night, I didn't get it. So I still sat and thought about having money. Working a second job. Honestly, I pictured myself working at the police station. Yesterday, I got a call from the temp service, offering me the job. I know it sounds like a load of crap, but I'm telling you, the mind is a powerful thing.

I start the second job next Thursday and Friday at 6. I'm not sure when I'll be working yet but it's suppose to be weekends and some weeknights 'as needed'. So...there you have it. I will have money for savings. Money to pay off credit cards, money to pay the government, and live. I wouldn't have had this money if I didn't get let go from my job. Weird how that happens, one bad thing can turn into a positive. I knew eventually I'd find the good in it.

My new thought is buying a condo. I'd like a house, but I don't want the responsibility being a single woman of all the upkeep, and a condo seems better to me. Plus, I need to move closer to work. A 30 minute drive is for the freaking birds. Wish me luck!

P.S. I have the warmest most snuggly bed in the world and I hate getting out of it.


Slick said...

Now I'll be thinking about an '07 Mustang GT all day long :)

supplymadam said...

Wow! First off-Congradulations! That is so cool. I am going to start thinking about having a smokin' hot body! And money too of course!
Worth a shot,thanx!

bethie said...

yea for mon! i'm happy for you! i'll be thinking about a BMW 325i and a check to arrive in the mail. lol i truly believe the mind is a powerful thing too...i just never take the time to try things like that. but now maybe i will.

prunella jones said...

I love this idea!

Anonymous said...

OK, Im thinking about a great career. But while im thinking about that great career Im going to keep thinking about how to continue to be a decent human being.

Anonymous said...

Everything we want is already provided for us in the spirit world. Every time I say that, it reminds me of the movie Young Guns..LOL !! But that is true. We have the power to do a lot if we just would take the time to meditate on it. I need to see myself as a non smoker. Got the pills, now need to get the patch and meditate meditate meditate..!!!!!

Celina said...

BIG cograts on the 2nd job! And, I also believe in the Power of Thought--so glad it's working for you!

Mon said...

hope it works for you! that might take longer...but way to set your goals high!

Yea..the body thing is a good idea too. Soon, ill never do anything but meditate and ill end up losing everything. lol.

try it out!

like those tapes for smoking "i am a non smoker". ha ha ha

Thanks! I wont be happy once im working all the time again!

all it takes is time! i spent a lot of time doing it!