"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, December 29, 2006

Discount Employee...

All I know is that today I'm as tired as they come. I can hardly wait until next week whenI have to work 16 hours after working a 40 hour week. Boy, it doesn't get any better than this people. I need to go to bed before freaking midnight. It's hard for me to do, because I feel like it's a wasteto be home for a few hours and go to bed. So much to do, so little time.

I think I have successfully lost all the chocolate bulge I gained, as my ass and thighs aren't squashed into my pants like last week. It's the little things. Men wonder why 'secretaries' get fat then all they send them for Christmas is chocolate? It's a conspiracy I tell you.

Today I'm sitting with the boss, to plan out my next few weeks in my planner with what reports I'll do, and when. Then I have to also do newsletters, and awards. The sales people get a billion awards a month and we get nothin. Let the complaining begin. It's my nature. I'm going to be a busy bee, as all the VP's are in for the next twoweeks, that means they need crap, and get a billion calls. It'll be a true test. I also have to find a bunch of quotes for 2 of my VP's for them to pick one for their newsletter. Being creative wasn't part of the job description m'kay?

Speaking of tests, I have to successfully explain how to do my job to my boss soon. It's all part of their training, to be sure you learn. They seem impressed that they show me something onceand I'm doing it. I don't find that impressive, I think it's common sense to take notes when you learn something so you can do it on your own, but, whatever. Be impressed, fine by me! Girl at work got a $200 ring for $50. I can't wait til my 90 days is up. I want somethiiiiiin!!

Wanna know something retarded I did at work? We have two District mgrs with the same name only 1 letter is different, the second letter of their last name. I set up a conference call for one andemailed BOTH ladies store mgrs that they had a mandatory conference call like an asshole. I even set it up for 28 vs 14 people. So I had to try to recall the one sent in error which I hope worked or I'm gonna feel like a total asshole. That is my new girl dumbshit moment of yesterday. But, I set the call up with no problem. That's the upside!

So I love the Bath and Body Breathe line. Yum diddily um dum! A girl at work gave me Serenity, andI got myself Delightful. It's like a lil slice of heaven to my senses.

What are your exciting New Year's plans? Hmm, not as exciting as mine I'm sure. I'm going to see Edwin! I cannot wait, can't wait. I don't know if we should stay up in Cleveland afterwardsor truck it back to Akron. I don't even know what my friends are doing. All I know is this is my last free weekend, there will be much drinking, and much sleeping to be had by yours truly. I want some of that yummy amish wine but I'll just drink it all. I might get some white zinfendel or champagne instead. *sigh*

On Tyra yesterday I saw a girl who eats paper to lose weight. I thought this was dumb, so my New Years resolution this year, is not to eat paper to lose weight. You know, somethingI can keep to.


Janet said...

Eating paper to lose weight? What will these people think of next?

Have fun at Edwin, like I even need to tell you that. Make sure to blog about it when you get back!:)

Michelle said...

My very fat cat eats paper but it's not working. Oh well. Happy New Year's!

supplymadam said...

Have a Happy New Year! No big plans here just staying home with the rest of the old farts.Have a great time before the 2 jobs kick in!

Rachel said...

Back to the grind. Yuck. Have a great New Years! Eating paper to lose weight? Wow. Those girls on that show are always super skinny too.

EC said...

Hey! Just a quick note to let you know I moved - it may or may not be temporary, but for now this is where I'll be - www.meandmatt2.blogspot.com

Take care!

MzAriez said...

Hey Mon.

How are you? I played catch up on your blog last night. Sorry about losing your job and all the CP stuff. Congrats on the new jobs and hooking up with great New Year's plans. I am sure your night with Edwin will be the perfect way to start out the new year. It may be the best year yet.

I am in Ohio right now. Just did some shopping in Mentor. I will probably hit Cleveland tomorrow. It seems the Buckeye state may become my permanent home in June. Life is interesting. I will be updating the blog with some new stories.

I will continue to keep you and your furry family in my prayers. It is time for Mon to have a great year. Keep the chin up and remember there are people out in the world that hope for your happiness and success.

Take care.....