"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When In Doubt Hide Your Money...

Another Day...another dollar. At least it's hump day, right? Yesterday at work, was a long day. I had nothing to do. I had nothing I could even pretend to do. Then one girl showed me some
reports I'll manipulate for the newsletters each VP does, which was mildly informative. Mostly boring. It was a long day. The only call I got was from a guy in loss prevention, stating one of my VP's stores couldn't open because the gate was broken. It would be 2 weeks until it was fixed. All the VP's are on vacation. And I'm the new girl.

I was in such a shitty mood which I'll blame on my maybe having PMS, if not, it's an excuse to be a bitch. I'm normally so bright and cheerful you know.

Today I found out one of the other secretaries is a fellow celebrity stalker. How awesome is that? She liked a guy from the show "In a Fix" and on an episode the guy's brother was on and
they showed the muffler shop where he worked. She found it online and called him last Fourth of July. She said he was so nice, she never did ask for his brothers phone number. I said that was the most awesome thing ever, and she must help me stalk Edwin. Er, I mean, contact him. *never publicly admit you've reached stalker status* I mean I told them I'm going to Edwin but uh, they know not the true obsessiveness that I posess.

Speaking of secretaries, they call us "admins" around here. Back in the day we use to call admins an 'ass' which is short for assistant. So...I guess I'd rather be and admin than an ass.

Celina wanted to know how well my rubber cake pan worked. Pretty nifty I must say. I had a 2 layer square cake. It was pretty awesome. It came right out of the pan too.

I did a billion things at home last night, changed sheets, washed the comforter, dishes, swept and mopped, vacummed, showered, 3 loads of laundry. Gave Fizzgig a bath. Yea, the cat. Which was a treat in itself. They get bathed about once a year. Persians never seem to do the job 100% on their own. Mostly they just make that horrible yowl like you are killing them but other than that their pretty good. Sometimes I think my work is never done.

I'm still on the hunt for a second job. Although, I did get more money from the old job than I expected in my last severence check. I am unsure what to do with it. I could pay off a credit card, or save it. I'm afraid if I save it the government will just take it from me. Seeing how I owe them for my taxes last year. Bastards. I'm afraid if I pay off a credit card, something will happen and I'll need that extra money. I could pay my taxes, but it's tax time again and they can just keep their freaking money. Making decisions blows. Um...it's December 27, and I have yet
to purchase my liscense tags. Here in Ohio you renew them on your birthday,
which was the 14th. Soon...I'll be breaking the law. I blame the Jackson police department for not hiring me.


Anonymous said...

Pay off your credit card, then if something happens you'll have that credit card to use. But nothing will, so just pay off that credit card debt!!
I never paid the city this year my taxes, so who knows what will happen when I got to file my taxes!

supplymadam said...

Giving the cat a bath reminds me when my niece used to bathe her cat "Mookie" and the she put a chair in front of the oven turned it on and opened the door and Mookie would stay there in the chair licking herself until she dried. Then we made a list of recipes with Mookie in them. Like Roast Leg of Mookie, Mook Goo Gai Pan,Mookie Cutlets,Mook Loaf. We were hysterical when we rattled them off. It went on for days.

Mon said...

I think paying a credit card is my best bet. At least 1. Then I'll be down to 2. ugh.

that's great! it made me laugh. I put fizzy in front of the space heater but shed only stay if i stayed. I got pretty hot but she was content.