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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is Over The goose got Fat...

Did everyone have a fun Christmas? It didn't seem like Christmas. No one but me was in the Christmas mood. As usual. What did you get from Santy Claus? I got Pirates two from my brother, hours of hot men for my personal viewing pleasure. Mom got me PJ pants with Cartman from South Park, they say "Whatevah" and "I do what I want" from the best episode ever, when Cartman goes on "Maury Povich". I cracked up. I got slipper socks, socks, a lamp, a sheep you dress up for the seasons, cat calendar, War of the roses (one of my favorite movies), Coasters for the stages of drunken-ness, towels, Momma made scarves, ummmmmm.....I can't remember everything. It's hard. But that's what I remember Mkay?

Saturday CP took me to Amish country to get wine. Mind you, I bought 4 bottles "for Christmas" and we drank 2 1/2 that night, then we went out to the Beir Haus with My brother and Kat at 11:30. That shit is the best wine ever. I encourage everyone to drink it. Rodeo Red. It's grape-y. MMMMM.

I kicked everyones asses in Silverstrike Bowling, as usual. Some things never change. I got a 160. Kat got pulled over on the way to the bar. A few weeks ago, she got a speeding ticket too. She has some kind of bad mojo when going out. So CP followed her to my house and drove her back. Since he was the sober driver. Men are good for some things you know.

When we got home, I sang that Who-song from the Grinch, only I don't know any of the words, so it went something like, "trim up the tree with whosaflats, jingle joobs and mussle tops" I was completely amused with myself.

Yesterday, on Christmas, me and my brother went to see Black Christmas. What's better on Christmas than a horror movie? Pretty much nothing. Only, it wasn't the best movie ever. But it was only $3.75 at this place by my house. They got cheap rates!

The best thing I did over the weekend, was I got tickets to see Edwin McCain. We know how much I love Edwin don't we? Guess what? He's ringing in the new year with ME! Uh-huh, you heard me right. New Year's with Edwin! I'll hear him sing Auld Lang Syne. However the fuck you spell it. I'm taking my damn camera this time too. I always forget, and I'm always pissed. I'm even getting another memory card, so I can take video. Ohhhhh the countdown begins. Only, I couldn't afford to get tickets any sooner, so I had to choose to get them at "will call" they besta have my god damn tickets when I get there, or someone will be sorry, and it wont be me m'kay?

I didn't get that job at the police station. I rushed there Friday to sit around for 20 minutes, and then meet with 6 people who asked me 1 question. Why did I want the job. Then the chief said that if I didn't hear from him by 7, I wouldn't hear from him. And...I didn't hear from him. Screw that mess. I've been trying to get that job since October. Now, I have to find another second job. Good luck to me.

Now? I'm one of 4 people on my entire side of the building. No bosses. That means I have nothing to do. Which means, my day is going to drag horribly. I've been here an hour and the phone rang one time. I'm going to think about how I'm not eating for a week. I am so freaking tired of food. Food food food. And my boobs hurt. And I'm bitchy. I think after 5 months, I'm finally having a period. Yea, I should go to the Dr, but um, I cant afford health insurance.


sazza said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas, pity you are working today - that's pish!!!

supplymadam said...

Can't you apply for some kind of medicaid. They do it all the time in NY. Don't know how it works where you are.
Glad you had nice Christmas. I got a gift card to my favorite store Ulta and a gift cert to my favorite Mexican Resturant Meson Ole'. A jewerly box. A nice big one so I can finally find my stuff and take them out of the original boxes they came in and a nice pair of gold hoops with little diamond chips,a pair of jean shoes in brown and my favorite gift a memory foam pillow. I have had 2 nights of good sleep since because I got in on Christmas Eve.
Enjoy Edwin!

Anonymous said...

I still didnt get my christmas present, so Its hard to be in the christmas mood. And mon knows what im talking about. LOL Actually I got more then I could expect for christmas.

EC said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!!

Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Too bad you didn't get the job at the police station - it's always good to have a little pull with them ;)

Sarah said...

I saw that Edwin was coming here on NYE and thought of you. Glad you got tickets! Also I say "whatever" and "I do what I want" like Cartman all. the. time.

Merry Belated Christmas!

Mon said...

I know, I pity me too. lol

you made out like a bandit! Here, if you have the option of health insurance and dont take it thats your tough luck. nevermind that you cant afford it.

youll get what you have coming to you. you got it early actually.

I know, i thought maybe theyd let me off for good behavior or something.

I'm pretty happy about it. No, happy isnt the word.