"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, February 12, 2007

Absense and Fonder Hearts...

Today a new girl starts at work. I dunno that I like that. I like being the new girl cus I get special attention. It'll be nice to not be the rookie, but what if she's better than me? Why are girls like that? Why do I care? She doesn't even have a desk. They are sticking her over by our printer with a computer and phone. Sucks to be her, ok?

We have a meeting at 2 today. They ordered us snacks. It's fun to work for a place that spends money. But...they are doing a realighment with the District Mgrs, and our VP's and it's going to affect the secretaries. Some of the girls have had their VP's for years. I think its dumb. I don't wanna change my VP's I like them! There are a couple I can't stand and it's my luck that I'll get stuck with one of them. Their women. Ugh.

Guess what guess what? I get a federal tax return. Can you believe it? I don't owe this year. Yahooooie! And I get more back than I had to pay last year. So, I have to pay my credit card off with it. And get new tires. Doncha wish you could be cool like me? I made 10,000 less last year, from not working the second job, and for that, I get a whopping 400 bucks. I don't see the sense there, but then math is not my forte.

CP came over Friday. He's been deathly sick and I've been avoiding him. I didn't kiss him or anything but I KNEW I'd still get sick. Anyhow, he got me a sweet ass steam cleaner! It's got heat, and scotch guard, and an attachment for furniture. I did all my carpets, then it quit working. Then, a cat puked. So, now I have cat vomit and no cleaner. He was going to take it back for another one but you know men. I might see it next week. A girl with 7 pets needs a steam cleaner, it is essential!

I got new bra's this weekend, and we know what a good bra does to lift ones spirit. I also got some new draws from Vickie V's. And, me and Kat went to the coolest place ever. A store called One Of A Kind Pets. It's a rescue for cats and dogs, and a store. They rescue them from the humane society and they don't die there. There are cats all over. On the cat food for sale, in the litterboxes for sale, display cases, running around after each other, playing with the toys for sale. One cat, Gertie, was curled up on the warm cash register. She wanted to come home with me. She told me, but I'm too poor for another pet! The cats!

Then we went to West Point Market for a few things. It's a place where people who have too much money go to shop. I got some chicken salad. It cost $8 for a pound. Umm, it was quite tasty, but $8? I couldn't believe it. I also got broccoli salad, which I hadn't had in forever. That was $5. Sometimes when you go out with Kat it's like something takes over and you can't help but spend money you had saved up for emergencies. Oh! I also got ground peanuts! Real peanut butter? Omg, it was the most delicious thing ever, I'm getting me more of that!

We made an appearance at 80's night Saturday. I went with Kat, Tayray and Tayray's lovemuffin. You know what sucks when you are 'single'? Being around people in love. You know what sucks even more when you are single? When you go out with a girlfriend, and she abandons you alone with the people in love. So you spend your time alone when they are dancing. Know what sucks worse than that? Going home with no action! Sniff sniff. Kat bailed on me early in the night. I had a blast though. I we did love potion shots, and drank beer. I fell on my ass, but I wasn't drunk at the time. I backed into a ledge and fell and got right back up. I'm like the tubthumper by chumbawumba. I get knocked down, but I get up again, nevah gonna keep me down!

When we all got home, someone peed their pants from laughing, but it wasn't me this time. I went over to Tayrays for a night cap. Then I slept on the couch to avoid hearing any action from that end of the apartment. Our bedrooms are close mkay?

I decided to practically cut my thumb off yesterday. Why not, I mean I don't have health insurance, and my tetnus shot is no good as of 2 years ago, so what better time than now? I cut it at 11 on Sunday, and it's still bleeding not constant, but, it's there. And it's painful. And red. It's only about 1/4 inch long. Right on the side where you hit the space bar. Ouch. I ghetto wrapped it with a kleenex and neosporin, and a rubber band. The pressure kept it from bleeding but when I take it off it starts up again. Just a seeping bloody nasty mess. Mmmmm.

I'm sick today. Sore throat, sinuses. Did I mention how I have no insurance, so if I get real sick, just throw me in a ditch and maybe the cold will keep my corpse fresh until someone can bury me in the woods come spring thaw. Theres a big storm fixing to blow thru. I can hardly wait to drive in it. I am giddy at the thought of not making it up the driveway, and sliding into the ditch.

You know it would happen because I have but 1 year and 7 months til my car is paid off. When I find my sugar daddy, he's going to buy me a cute black BMW. I'm hopefully not getting another car for a year after having it paid off. That's my goal. I need to save $ and pay bills off as it is my goal to get myself a cute condo. With a yard.

2007 is the year yours truely gets her shit together once and for all. Iffin I'm gonna be an old maid, I'm gonna at least own my own home while I'm alone. With my cats. (I'm still open to that sugar daddy thing...you know, if you know anyone)

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Tayray said...

I dropped the pizza all over the driveway and the love muffin was making me laugh, I said stop, Im gonna pee myself and he kept going and making me laugh and it just came out! Atleast I waited till I was home to pee myself!