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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ghost of Husbands Past....One of a Two Parter

Ever realize what a small world it really is? I went to get my hair done last night. I did
get deeper hilights btw, cus I know it matters to you. Anyhow, we got to talking about this guy I hooked up with and how she knew him, thru this other guy. I said if you know that guy, you probably know my ex husband, D. She called him a nickname, that suprisingly had to do with snorting coke, and I said, yea, that's gotta be the same guy.

So she texted him, and said she was doing my hair, and he called her. He wanted us to go meet him and his friend for a drink. I said I can't do that, we've been divorced 7 years! So he called about 4 more times while I was getting my hair did. When we were done she called him and I got on the phone and he called me my hairdressers name and I said no, do you know who I am? And he said well, you might be (me). I said yep.

He said why don't you come out for a drink. I
said why, so you can make fun of me? He said I just like to have a good time and you don't have to worry about anything, I'll buy you guys a drink, come out. So I said we'll see, and my hairdresser talked me into it.

She said let's just go for a drink, it'll be fun, and some good entertainment for me. I always aim to be entertaining. So on the way there, I called Heather, to tell her what I was doing. She said "you better not call me in the morning and say you slept with him" It wasnt that good anyway, but i just didn't know better back then!

He looks exactly the same. I sat down and he pointed to my chest and said, "what's that?" I said "I think they're my breasts." He said "are they real? You never had those before". I said I didn't have them when I was 16, but I've had them my whole adult life.

So then he said we have no reason to hate each other. I said I don't hate you, I'm over all of that, I know it was a mistake. He said "No, don't say that, it wasn't a mistake, we just weren't happy".

I said "You weren't happy, I was". He said "I was too into the drug lifestyle". Then I went in for the kill. I said "yea, I compared everyone to you for a long time, not that you were the greatest person people need to live up to, but in that I've never loved anyone like I loved you, because you hurt me so bad, it really screwed me up for a lot of years". He hung his head and said "ugh" like, that hurt. I said, it's true.

He didn't remember half the crap he did to me. When I brought up him cheating he actually said he never did. Seriously?


supplymadam said...

Wow that was wierd seeing him and hanging out with him too. At least he knows what a dick he was to you and how it left you.
And your rent going up? It should be going down with no plowing.

Celina said...

Wow. How weird. I don't think I could be that comfortable with any of the guys I dated back in high school! Even when I see them around town (when I go to visit) I feel a little awkward--wondering if they still remember ...um... stuff... :)
But then again, at least you had the chance to tell him some of how you felt and share some of your stories (history).

Becca said...

Things will look up for you soon. The whole $5 thing. Comeone really that is just lame. really freaking lame.