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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Night As A Celebrity...

Um, Blogger made me change to new blogger. I've been avoiding it for months now. I hate change. How totally gay is it that I have to have a google account? Ummm, I have a yahoo account, isn't that enough? Bastards.

Well, now, I'd like to give a shout out to my little Edwin McCain for once again having his song sung on American Idol last night. Everyone just loves him. What's wrong with the rest of you people? Phil did a good job singing I Could Not Ask For More. Not as good as Edwin of course, but, good nonetheless!

Last night was our big work party. It was a night at the Oscars. The company bought out the whole bar for the night, which was pretty cool! There was a red carpet, and we were met with yummy champagne at the door, and they took our picture, like celebrities. It was fat tuesday, so we got a bazillion beads. They had a DJ and trivia downstairs with all the pool tables. Free alchohol. Ahem. Lots of food. Downstairs was Italian themed and 100 deggrees. The upstairs was Pirates of the Carribean, where all the boys were dressed up like the hotties from the movie, ok? If you drank enough they might actually pass. But, I couldn't drink enough and become the drunk girl. Not so soon.

They had American Idol Karaoke, which was freaking hilarious because people actually got drunk, and sang. Badly. They had a place where you could do acting scenes for tickets to win prizes. Then there were the things that I did. That all sounded bad when I told people out loud. I got 3 margarita glasses as boobie prizes for sucking at a game of throwing balls, and pinning an eye patch on Orlando Bloom. Does that sound like some kind of Porno title or what?

Nevertheless, I didn't walk away empty handed. I actually only won 2 glasses and one of the VP's sucked on purpose for me to win a third, and she was gonna suck again so I could have a set of 4 but I told her it wasn't necessary to embaress herself further. I was happy with my three. Then everyone was jealous of my glasses all night. I could tell. No one else had any. It's rough to be envious. Step off.

The most fun game was guessing what the wait staff was. You could ask them who they were, and they would give you different clues, until you guessed what actor or actress they were from movies. I am a movie fanatic, so I did quite well with that game. I got a lot of tickets too.
Some of the prizes were Ipods, Satellite radio, golf clubs, 3 coach purses, various gift cards, radios, portable dvd player. Personally, I stuck all my tickets in the Ipod bin. In order to win a prize you had to stay til 11. My ass went home at 9, because I have 7 kids at home who needed fed and pottied, and I live in BFE. I didn't win nothin. Dammit.

The funniest observation of the night was how blinged out everyone was. I was in a big bar with a bunch of jewery salespeople. High rollers if you will. Bling out the ying. The guys all had like rings with diamonds, it cracked me up!

I also had one of those moments where you see someone who knows you and you don't know them. I personally think this bitch was drunk or something. I was outside the bar smoking, and she was next door at Brubakers waving at me and my coworker frantically. I waved back and she started pointing at me. Coworker said Me? And I said Me? Then she started mouthing "I know you". I gave her the shrug, "I dunno who you are" you know....and shook my head. She kept insisting, and did some sign language pointing to her eye, then her head, and then me. I guess, Eye Brain You. I kept saying I dunno you and finally I turned around. I didn't know the girl, and it's not like I know a billion people to confuse her with someone else. She told me to come in the bar, and I was like "sorry" then we left. What a weirdo. I swear I didn't know her. She probably just thought I was hot.

All in all I had a really good time at my work party. It was cool to meet all the people I talk to every day on the phone! You know how that goes. And everyone was a lot of fun. One guy gave me a big hug, cus I help him out a lot, and he said I'm like family. Doesn't that make you wanna cry? Sniff sniff.

P.S. when I logged onto Yahoo today, this was the featured story. Let it be a lesson to you all. Can't do the math? Worrying about math saps the brain’s ability to solve problems, study says.


Tayray said...

What the hell is that suppose to mean? I do math on a daily basis!

supplymadam said...

Sounds like a great party! How come I wasn't invited,heeheehee!

Celina said...

Sounds like an Awesome party!! Yeah, maybe a little early to be "the drunk girl!" Ha ha! I dunno about that girl thinking she knew you--that's kinda weird that she was so insistant! :) Like you said, she probably thought you were hot! :)