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Friday, February 02, 2007

Pulling An All-Nighter...

I'm all geared up for my 16 hour day today. Ok, I'm lying. I did go get some energy drinks, and
stackers to make it through. The worst part? Not smoking for 8 hours. I don't get a break. Or a lunch. Or anything. I think it's ridiculous.

Next week we have a trainer coming into the gym at work for 3 days you can sign up for time with one. How fun is that? I still have not ventured into our gym, but I hear people complain about it being too busy at lunch. I just love it when someone who drives a Beemer asks you to get them coffee. It's not so much the act of getting the coffee, but the act of me working all night at the god forsaken police station to make ends meet, and then having to shell out money for your coffee? It's only a dollar you say? So! It was one of the other girls VP's. And usually if one of them asks you to get them coffee they'll hand you $20 and tell you to "get all the girls whatever they want". You think I'll get my dollar back?

I'm having to make travel arrangements for my VP's cus their all going back out on the road. It's pretty simple, seeing how we have a freaking travel department. My job is collecting the info, and emailing it, and proofing it. Know what else I don't have to do? Copy jobs. We have a department for that too. I don't just mean like large things you'd send to Kinkos - I'm talking if you have 50 of something, you don't do it yourself. I swear. Have training scheduled? We have a department for that too. At my old job, I had to do entire classes. From setting up the meeting rooms, the food, hotels, to personally making the training books. It's amazing what can be done with a little money. They love to spend that around the new job. Just not on my salary Mkay?

I got my first full paycheck from the new job today. Yea, Um, 2 months after starting. I didn't get paid for the holidays which totally sucked. Anyways, I make $140 less take home. But then, I use to get paid twice a month so I got that extra 12 hours a month. Now, sometimes, I'll get three paychecks and that will be nice. Making as much less as I do per hour, puts me in a different tax bracket, and I sorta make out I suppose. That is, if you want to look at the bright side, which I dont.

Nothing exciting happened last night at work. I learned how to transcribe these stupid police reports. Their pretty funny to do. I havn't transcribed since high school. Who still transcribes? Uhhh, I do. The only fun criminal was another shoplifter, who carried his crack pipe, and crack for his theiving excursion. If you're gonna break the law...you might want to leave the crack at home.

Remember me this evening trying not to fall asleep. Trying to get up a snowy driveway after 16 hours of working. If you loved me, you would come over and salt and shovel the drive so I'm happy. I'd take donations in lieu of your personally showing up. I'm worth it.


Andi said...

So what DO you do at the PD? I'm a dispatcher at mine.

Frances said...

It sounds like you are doing an awful lot of work for the money. And what is this no break thing? Geez.
I was ready to donate LOL no paypal button!
Waving at ya from a freezing NYC,

Becca said...

You are working way to much :)
Got Salt?

Mon said...

I am a secretary, greet the guests, enter citations, arrests, written warnings, incidents, call the dispatcher all the time.

Thank you, I appreciate the thought!

I have been buying the stuff daily! i finally have a little 1 tire path to get up the hill!