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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bio Chemistry is LOST on Me...

Did we watch Lost like good girls and boys? I watched the update show while counting my change. To prepare for the real show. I ended up having $37 bucks! I'm starting my splurge fund with change, and random bills here and there. So, when I want to go out, or buy something, I don't have to touch my bill money. You know like when I get my hair done and whatnot. I'll have a savings, a bill account, and now a fun fund. I find it easier to manage my money when I spread the love around like that. Mostly, cus I suck at math, so compiling the totals of 3 accounts isn't easy for me.

Hmmm how did your morning start you ask? Oh, stuck in traffic for 15 minutes. Why? Ummm, a cop pulled someone over silly. Of course, it has to cause a 5 mile back-up. It's the way of the land. If I were King, I would outlaw gawking at that shit on the streets. It would be punishable by being stuck in that chamber they had Carl in on Lost!!!

If you didn't watch, stop reading. Ok, so, what the hell is up with that room they put Carl in? I slow-mo'd it on the old Tivo and paused it to see some of the weird images being shown to him. God loves you as he loved Jacob? Uhhh ok. Suffering? Everything changes, with an old victrola record and CD's? Planting seeds? And the lights? And maddening music?? That was some insane shit, and did you see all the other rooms? Of course, he was in room 23. The numbers. I wonder if there are numerically 23 or more rooms, or one for each of 'the numbers'? And, just who do they put in there? Will Jack be next?

I thought that maybe it would lose its appeal or something but I should have known better. My prediction, since I love to do those things, is that Benry is Juliettes sister, who she had to turn into a man to impregnate. Why else bring up that she successfully impregnated a MALE field mouse? And let us in on the fact that Benry is Alex's father? Hmmm? Her sister couldn't have kids, I'm predicting she had some sort of girl parts cancer and had to have her ueterus removed, thus, the chemo and no hair. Or it could just be that she impregnated Benry. How awesome her wish came true about her ex husband being hit by a bus? And she got to see it? If wishes came true, oh the wishes I would wish for me and you!

How does one wake up during spinal surgery and not be screaming in pain, or freaked out? Benry aint right I tell ya! I think he's inhuman. I bet that tumor ends up not even being human.
Portland? Who knew as soon as that cheese ball lab guy came to see Juliette he was in with the "others" on the island? Me! Me! And Ethan? I think this concretes the fact that he had some sort of genetic altering to be so strong when he fought with Jack. And at least we know a little more about the experiments being run on the island. Well, we know that they were messing with animals and their reproductive systems, and probably people too.

I was pretty pissed when Juliette betrayed Jack in the operating room. She's such a skeez! Proven by how she just shot Pickett in cold blood! Not that I care, I hated that man. Personally, I don't think they die. Obviously Jack loves Kate more than Sawyer does. He gave up his own freedom for hers. Their gonna have such beautiful babies. I bet they impregnated Kate while they had her, and she'll think it's Sawyers cus they did the deed. There will be tons of Benry's running around on the island. And then, why do they bother to have kids, if their gonna toss them out like they do?
All in all a pretty bad-ass episode. I can't wait to see the rest of the Losties next week. Seriously, I remember why I loved the show. It's all coming back to me now. *swoon*

And I'm kinda tired of the producers trying to tell new people they can start watching the show now and appreciate it. Um, sure, you can watch the show. But you wouldn't have known the mysteries of the island, that make what happened more creepy. You havn't seen all the clues each week. You don't know just how intertwined the Losties lives really were in 'the real world' and how their paths crossed all the time. Ummmm, step off newbies, you can't hang. I like to pretend I'm cool!


Jess said...

The bit with Juliet's ex being hit by the bus and the DHARMA recruiter showing up at the morgue was all kinds of creepy.

Last night's episode was an improvement, but I still miss the rest of the cast. I can't wait to see Locke and Desmond again next week!


I wanted to start a band called "All About Me" which would have been a take off on the Bette Davis movie "All About Eve" So when I noticed this site on another blog I just had to comment. Good work.

Celina said...

You don't have to worry about me being one of those "newbies" who tries to watch Lost! I watched 2 or 3 episodes Way Back When, but just couldn't get into the show. It's too much thinking (clues & twists) for me! :)
Oh, and we started doing that "separate account" thing with our money too. With all the moving plans & etc, we need to be SURE to have some money put aside! Take it easy (you work too much)!!