"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'd heard the rumors. Free money from the government. I didn't believe them. Especially since I owe the government more than they already stole from me.

After giving up on any hopes of a stimulus check for myself, it happened. I got one in the mail. Of course, I didn't get the $600 bucks I was entitled to. No, I got a bunch of letters stating how they took the money I owed them out of it for this tax year. Fine. Better than having to pay the bastards, cus seriously? That wasn't happening. Don't get me started on how I worked my life away, 7 days a week, then 14 hours a day, while they taxed the shit out of me and I still owed them. Uh-uh. .I've got two words for "the man"..... Cock... Sucker. Oh no, better....soul..stealer! Stop me while I'm ahead.

The part of me that knows better, is grateful to have received this check. The secret says to not worry about money, and the money will come. I'm pretty good at that. I'm over worrying about it. If I start to worry, I'll work my life away again and that's not worth it! I added it to my savings for vacation/moving. I actually did a super happy dance when I got it. I'm no fool, $300 dolla a loooootta money to me!

Last weekend when we saw fireworks at my house, I told the boy "we sure have seen a lot of fireworks together" it was our third time. He replied "yea, we've seen some in the sky too". I thought it was pretty adorable and he made me all misty! I wanted to kiss off his lips or something but then what would I kiss? I sure love that boy.

Oh, yes, 3 more days until we're on a jet plane to the beach! Yipee! We rented our car this weekend, and we'll pick it up at the airport. I am way excited to be going to the beach. But, I'm more excited to spend time with my guy. And, I suspect he is just as excited. You know we don't like each other at all? Isn't that obvious? Yesterday was 10 months for us. Ten. Almost a year! I can hardly believe it!

This made me laugh until I cried. It's not mine, but whoever owns these cats has some sweet live entertainment! It's a great example of determination. He falls off, and keeps on trucking with his front feet. They love it! Clicky clicky!

Then, I saw this video on You Tube that made me jealous. I want my own furry workout buddy. My cats are lazy freeloaders. Besides killing bugs, they don't do nothin but look cute, expel furballs, and get their hair on everything. The more you watch, the more you see cats enjoying exercise. Seriously, if you have cats you might not want to watch these. It'll make you see your cats as the lazy peices they are. Lucky for them they are adorable.

P.S. When I got home yesterday I had no power on the one side of my apartment. Dude left a note "call me if it still happens". Of course it still happens you didn't do a freaking thing you lazy peice of crap! Nothing was different. He didn't replace the fuses, or anything. My guess is, he came over, my power was on, and he left. Fucking. Idiot. I intend to not pay my rent on the first if it's not fixed.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I NEVER would have thought that some cats like treadmills! I laughed and laughed some more. Even watched some of the other cat/treadmill vids too :)

Heather said...

My 24 pound cat gets on my treadmill, to sleep. Really, that's her favorite place to sleep.

Anonymous said...

The cats need to learn how to use my Gazelle. It would get more use if they used it every day.


Mon said...

alaskan dave:
me either!

my cats would lay on mine too, but never walk on it. i cant even get my dog to do it.

their not coordinated enough for that. lol

Mon said...

P.s. heather i registered for your blog as fizzgigabyte if you happen to read this. over and out.