"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 21, 2008


I think I slept probably 3 hours last night. And this isn't one of those kick-ass times you only sleep 3 hours cus you were up all night "with the manfriend". No, this wasn't like that at all. I got home from the boys house about 10. When I then started to clean, and I didn't stop until 3am. At first it was just because the maintenance guy was coming today and I didn't want my bras on every door handle in my apartment, and my underwares laying around. It was about 100 degrees and I sweated my ta ta's off!

For some time now my power has been working when it feels like it in my 2 bedrooms, hall, and bathroom. Basically the left side of my apartment, upstairs only. So anyway dude's coming while I'm at work to look at it. I don't like the idea of someone in my apt when I'm not home. Dirty.

Meantime, I can't sleep in my bed with no power, because a) it's hot and I need a fan, and 2) I can't sleep without the noise of the fan and c) the dog gets hot too and pants, and rocks the bed. And it's too hot for my kitty cats to sleep with me, and when they don't I just don't feel right. I feel you judging me. I'll be snoozing away and the power goes out and wakes me right up. It's too quiet! I've been sleeping on the couch. Correction. I've been laying on the couch wishing I could sleep. My couch has 2 cushions and right where they meet is where your ass fits. Talking about this is making me tired, so stop it.

Good news!

I am a mere 5 lbs from my 20lb vacation weight loss goal. This leaves me with still more to lose afterwards, thirty to be exact. But the important part is, that I am going to attain my goal. I am doing two a days this week. Two a who?

I'm going to do a 45 min walk during my lunch break (because I don't want to get too sweaty) and then the usual 70-90 minutes ass kicking after work. I worked out on Friday during lunch, I took a late lunch 2-3 and watched Montel. No one else was in gym! I showered, and was back to work all in an hour The shitty part is it takes me about an hour to cool off after working out. I even took a COLD shower. But I sweat so much, I can't turn it off. I dried my hair, but it was wet again. Have I mentioned that it's pretty sweet to have a gym at work?

Friday I also met up with two guys from school and their wives, with Kat at the Aeros game. It was a killer time. We had some laughs. I learned a lot about people we went to school with. ...what ever happened to.... Sometimes it's better you don't know.

4 more days until...


Erin said...

Well that sucks about the a/c... hope he gets it fixed for you!!

And I am totally jealous you get to go the beach, lol. I know you are going to have a fabulous time with your manfriend :)

Barb said...

My children (aka my spoiled dogs) sleep with me all the time...except when it's HOT! They'd rather sleep on the floor..don't know why when I have the ceiling fan going....hmmm.

I sweat a lot working out too. I wear a hat so I can camouflage it as much as possible....I'm not as lucky as you having a gym at work...I envy you!!! That would be so easy for me! No excuses!

Mon said...

its gonna be a killer time eeeek! and no, he didnt fix my electric.

i dont feel right if the kids dont sleep with me. I might have to get a sweat band or something. it stinks.

I really have no excuses. i used forgetting socks a few times but now I just workout anyway and develop nasty blisters. That taught me to not forget socks.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Have you thought about a futon? We keep one in the library downstairs for when it's too hot upstairs even with the a/c on. Folds down quickly and otherwise makes a great couch.