"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Rain on My Parade...

Friday after work, I went to get some last minute things for the party at Wal Mart. I hate Wal Mart. Then I was trapped at home from 5-8 because of a parade. They closed the road to the grocery store. How dumb is that? Later I went to get some food from Giant Eagle and met Kat at the bar for drinks with an old high school friend, and Taco Bell coworker. Fun trip down memory lane. Made me realize, most people never amounted to much. Even more reason to be proud of who I am! Turned out at 1 am when I was home...I had left my food in the trunk for 4 hours. Waste of freaking time going to the store. My mind was obviously on drinking.

Then I got a late night visitor on Friday. Who told me he was coming, after I was asleep, and he snuck in, and set up music and everything and woke me up. Wink Wink. He's taken ladies. But I'd be jealous too! I was really happy he came over, any time I get an extra night w/the manfriend is fine by me. We got up early and went to a couple of stores, made some drinks, and met the neighbors outside for canoeing. There was definatly a storm moving in. But, ever the optimist, I said it would blow over and we'd be fine.

When we got to the canoe livery, they warned us that it was going to rain, and we would get wet. Actually, that sounded like a great time. I wrapped my camera and phone up in 10 plastic bags. We did a 6 mile canoe trip, and about 15 minutes into it, it started to rain. At first it was some sprinkles. Then, it was a downpour. It was hard to see to steer but we managed just fine. We laughed it off and actually enjoyed ourselves. I don't know many people who would enjoy doing something like that but I'm glad that one of them is my guy. It's about time I found someone like him! I might also add, that we are master canoers. We didn't hit anything, get stuck, or fall out of the canoe. Plus, we worked really well together. We use to be indians in another life.

We got home to get cleaned up after smelling like the canal, (which turns out is a great new pheremone...) and it rained again. I of course told everyone it was going to stop, and gave a time of 7:00, it will stop by 7 I said. What do you suppose happened? Fucking rain stopped. That's right! I'm taking my act on the road! We had a lot of fun, some people didn't bother showing up because of the rain, but we still had a killer time. Got our cheese on a stick. And had a lot to drink. I only made 1 pitcher of beeritas. Everyone else thought they were nasty. I thought they were deelish! We walked down to the festival, saw the fireworks, and finally around 10 settled in by the fire for some drinks and conversation.

Stephanie passed out sitting up but didnt' drop her drink. Awesome. Kat wore like 6 layers of clothes even though it was 85 degrees, so the bugs wouldn't get her. I think we finally called it a night around 4. After me and the manfriend went to bed, um, it was about 6 am. (But we don't like each other at all.....) I had an extra hard time after the manfriend left. I feel so sad when he goes, I hate it. It runs me thru an entire cycle of emotions!

All in all I had a fabulous weekend. I think I got a total of 8 hours of sleep, but I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? Or, in 12 days, on my vacation! yesssssssssssss


Heather said...

I'd have a blast playing in the rain! Sounds like a great weekend!!

Erin said...

I think it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!!! You are so darn lucky :-)