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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's Cuter Than Cute?...

Sometimes all you need to make you smile is to see a picture of a handsome boy, I mean cat, I know he's a cat. *nervous laugh*

I just felt like sharing my cute boy with the internets today. He looks arrogant but he's really sweet.

It's my Pickachu. He's 8, and half persian (by his mother Fizzgig, and partial namesake to my blog address) and half some stray cat who raped her. His cuteness is to make up for posting that gross toe picture yesterday.

Your cats can be friends with him on catster!


Momma said...

He is a very handsome boy.. My ONLY grandson. Ho Hum

Suzi said...

SO cute. Look at him, soaking all the warm out of that sunbeam!

Erin said...

oooh, how freaking cute!!

Mon said...

yea, hes low maintenance and he only cries when he wants to bring me his "dead froggie".

cats love the sun aaaaaaawwwwww.

thank you, im bias though.