"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 07, 2008


How was your independence day? Do anything fun? I spend Thursday (my Friday because of being off work for the Holly-day) at Mom's house, doing her breezeway ceiling. I could post a picture of my remarkable job, except when I asked her to take one she said "everyone knows you don't paint unless it needs it". Being my mom she also had to follow me around the tiny room with a sweeper while im up and down the ladder risking life and limb for the sake of her visual appeasement. Aside from not having safety goggles and burning my eyes out while scraping the old paint off the ceiling, it wasn't too bad. Only took a couple hours, and I think it needs more paint, another time. Joy. When I took my clothes off that night, I had paint chips places that should never see paint chips. Gross!

Friday I made the trek to the big City to spend the holiday with my manfriend and his peeps. I had plugged a watermelon with coconut rum. If you ask me, nothing says lovin like coconut rum in the oven! I got a seedless watermelon and it didn't take the alchohol well at all. I blame the lack of seeds/holes throughout it. I had to stab it to get the alchohol to suck into the melon. Times were so much simpler before they started fucking with genetics.

I also made yummy taco dip. That boy got me a CASE of Starbucks Frappuccino's at Costco. That's love! Oh, yea, the party. He got me chicken (cus he's cute and knows I don't like the moo moo's). I had bought a whole unopened bottle of Malibu, and it broke all over the floor out of the freezer door. Luckily his friend went to get me another bottle. I was partaking in Malibu, and sugar free red bulls. I can't quite put into words how yummy it was.

We played kings, which they have way different rules for in the city than the country. One of which is pouring your drink into a center cup and if you pick the last king you drink it. Luckily, I wasn't the one who did that. Dis-gus-ting. We all climbed up a rickity old ladder to the roof of the boy's apartment building and enjoyed the fireworks. They were really nice! All in all, I drank for about 14 hours. Had a few shots, couple beers, an entire bottle of malibu rum. I'm a trooper. I had a little nap around 2 or so while people played beer pong. I woke up to a fight. Not a fist fight a couple fight.

Which reminds me when I first arrived at said party the girls were all "complaining about our men you wanna join?" I shrugged and one said "you don't have anything to complain about do you" I said not really, except that he's always late, but that's him, and so am I. You know, for the first time I really didn't have anything to complain about. And that's a nice thing! We (the girls) also played MASH. My future is this.... I am going to marry Edwin McCain, and have a stupid kid named Samantha. We're gonna reside in Charleston, SC. in a mansion and have a mustang. I'll be a veterenarian, and he'll give up music to become an EMT. I'd miss my cute boy. And his cute little ways. Grrrr.

Saturday me and the manfriend went to the drive-in. We saw Hancock and Get Smart. I love the drive in. You can drink, and smoke, and see two movies for the price of one. I also tend to see shooting stars (thus, making magical wishes....) and this weekend there were two fireworks shows going on during the movie. How fun?


Suzi said...

Such good ideas you have! I've never heard of plugging a watermelon with rum. Genius!

We saw Hancock and Get Smart this weekend, too! Not at the same time, and not at the drive-in, though. Liked 'em both. Did you?

Mon said...

That's some country shizzie. It was always the thing to do. I suggest getting a seeded melon, it takes the alchohol way faster!

I liked both the movies, I laughed a lot.