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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gunshots...Rang out Like a Bell! No! They Really Did!

Aside from witnessing some gun blasts in my street, it started like any other Saturday...

I got up with the birds, ate two scrambled eggs, and attended my usual core/abs class, followed by spinning, then as per usual, I headed right to Starbucks for my post-breakfast treat, which is a venti skinny carmel macchiato.

This time they made my drink iced. Eh, not OK. So they made my hot drink right away, and told me to take both of them with me, plus gave me a gift card for a free drink next time for the inconvenience.  I heart Starbucks' customer service! 48 ounces of caffeine in a matter of 2 hours???? Ziiiiing!

Then I headed out to celebrate the birth of one of my BFF's! Mexican, followed by a trillion laughs at the bar, so much so that I was crying, and my stomach hurt. I love girlfriends!

I made it home safely, threw on my PJ's, and was leisurly uploading my celebration pics to facebook..

Then..I heard what at first, I thought was fireworks, because I have never heard real gunfire! But my dog was trembling. And it sounded different. (for future reference, gunshots are pop pop, and fireworks are crack, crack...I've got it down to a science)

Not thinking, I ran to my front window, and witnessed two more gunshots, and saw the blast in the dark, as people scattered.

Um...I turned my lights off, tried to collect myself, and called the police.

I asked to remain anonymous as I have to live by these dickbags that shot their gun off 5 times, and then ran into the house right across from me. All I can say about my local police is that by the time I completed my call, they were 8 strong looking for bullets, and trying to get the guys to answer the door.

Nothing came of it that I saw. They didn't answer the door and about 20 minutes later they all left.

But the experience scared the shit out of me!

I was so worked up I was thankful that my BFF called me after I texted her at 2 am, and then I talked to my Mom for 2 hours (who tried to convince me that I needed to move in with her and find a new apartment the next day)

It's one thing to know that crime happens. But it is quite another to have some delinquents living across the street from you shooting off their gun. In retrospect, I should have maybe taken cover, and NOT gone to the window. I could have been hit by a stray bullet.

Especially since last night my Mom and brother came over, and pointed out that I have a bullet hole in my door frame, about 5 inches from my front window. It was really high up so I didn't see it.

Did I call the police back? Hell no! Of course, if someone were shot I'd get involved, but I gotta live here, and this girl ain't gonna be pegged no snitch, and be shot in my sleep, or have my car vandalized.

What is this world coming to?


If your body is a temple, mine must be a mansion! said...

Holy crap!!! I am sorry this happened to you. I have had my share of dickbag neighbors - but none of them included firearms (thankfully!). Were they shooting just to shoot, or trying to shoot somebody (not that it matters, just curious....?!). Crazytown!!!

And P.S. - I can totally tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks now too... Hope you never have to differentiate between the two again!!!!

White Space said...

Oh my God! Poor you and little Mister Magoo. Wow, that is full-on.

I'm very lucky I guess that I live in a country where most of us go our entire lives without seeing or hearing a real gun. I've had some right dodgy neighbours and I can't imagine what would happen if any of them had guns.

Maybe find out how regularly this kind of thing happens in your area and if it's a regular occurrence then think about moving. Otherwise there isn't anything you can do I suppose. I can't imagine how horrified you must have been to see a bullet hole in your door frame. Blimey - what a thing to happen.

Fizzgig said...

for sure, i'm the opposite, I've been lucky to have great neighbors, and i didnt just get annoying ones, I got ones with guns! usually crime happens elsewhere, so this took the wind out of my sails!

well i havnt witnessed gunfire before. i couldnt tell if they were shooting at people or just shooting, cus i went to look after the initial shots, but no one was in the street harmed, so its hard telling...