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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Walking Dead...LIVE for Valentine's!!

I was pretty bummed when one of my BFF's landed a ticket to see The Walking Dead Live from a group of people where one of the participants backed out. She likes the show...but she doesn't LOVE the show like some of us!

Then, days later, she started blowing up my celly while I was working. I kept ignoring it, thinking "some of us are at work".  After the third call, I answered it, dreading some horrible news.....but it wasn't..the group had another back-out...there was a ticket...


While Norman Reedus (Daryl) did not appear as scheduled, and we were stuck with my LEAST favorite character (Andrea) in his place, it was still super awesome to watch a reel with a theater of fans, and cheer and boo at the good parts!

Oh yes, and to see the cast, and hear their insight on their characters.

L-R Cleveland's own Alan Cox, special effects Greg Nicotero, "Maggie", "Andrea", and "Merle".

We were 3 rows from the last seat in the house, but the tix were FREE and I loved my Valentine's day!

Look at the dead fans!!

The best tidbit I learned was that Andrea will redeem herself for ditching Michonne, and banging the governer in upcoming episodes. Good thing, because the crowd hated her!


White Space said...

Jealous!!! I LOVE the Walking Dead Daryl is actually my favourite character(yum!) so it's a shame he wasn't there. We download the episodes the day after they show in the US so I'm completely up to date on the show (his wife used to be the most annoying character until they killed her off)as soon as the music starts I get all tense & excited. Along with Game of Thrones it's the best thing on TV.

What a brilliant evening you must have had - you go to some good stuff!

Fizzgig said...

I was so jealous until I got to go!! We were the first stop on the tour, maybe it will catch on and make it to your neck of the woods? it was awesome when they played when lori died, everyone cheered lol! I hate andrea, so i hope she does have a turnaround soon!!

I don't get out much, but when I do it's gotta be awesome!