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Sunday, March 03, 2013

When I Grew Balls...

You may or may not remember my posts about how I have the hots for a security guard at work, (which I have not so successfully hidden for about two years) who said he had a girlfriend when he was asked by others, but still feels the need to turn around when he passes my desk to check me out whenever he passes by.

Recently another coworker asked him again if he was single, and he said no, but asked "who wanted to know". And even though she says she didn't tell him, she was quitting in 2 weeks, so I know she told him, I'm no dummy!

He told her that "she could at least say "hi". That was a few weeks ago. I couldn't say hi like the next day. That would be more obvious than me averting my eyes as he walks by...

This past week, I ran into him outside of my department. And usually, I retreat in the opposite direction to not so non-chalantly avoid passing him....No, this time, I forged on. Caught his eye, and, I actually said "hi".

He said "hi" back!!!!

No, I am not in 6th grade, I am just scared shitless to talk to a boy I think is cute. Boys should pursue girls, so being friendly to strangers is not my forte!  Plus, he wears a uniform. And carries a gun. And handcuffs. And is an EMT to boot.


Now the ice is broken. We'll be buddies in no time, and once he realizes how charming I am, he will probably propose to me, and we will live happily ever after! I can't wait to detail all of this in my wedding speech.

Of course, I must say to the karma Gods...if he does in fact really have a girlfriend, and it is not just a cover, I want no parts in breaking that up.

I have a clean karma pond, and I intend to keep it that way.

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Teena said...

Will you be passing him a note at recess :)