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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cupid's Undie Run..CLEVELAND!

Let's face it, runners are awesome. We like to do something, and we get to raise money doing it! We over doubled the $50,000 goal for our city to benefit children's tumor research. Go, Cleveland!

We made the news!

I've done a lot of runs, some serious, some fun. And this one was really well organized. There were a ton of photographers, plenty of staff to answer questions, easy bag drops/pick up, free parking, pre and post race party in a heated tent, and, of course, lots of alcohol available to get you nice and "warm" before running in 28 degree weather in your skiivies!

Best race swag ever! T-shirt, bag and goodies came with registration, skiivies were for hitting a fund raising goal.
The best part about only running one "mile-ish" is we did it in 8 minutes. My long runs are at about 11 minute miles. So, not only did I have a blast, help kids, and spend a fun day with my friends, I got to say I ran an 8 minute mile!
If this race comes to your city GO! It is so much fun! The people that gathered on the streets to cheer us on were the best! We were like a mobile running party, everyone was having a great time, and I only wish it were longer. Except, my legs were numb at the end of the run...so it wouldn't be a good idea!
Of course, our hilight was the firemen in their firemen underwear, and firemen hats, running with their fire hose. You gotta love a man in uniform...even if they are out of it.
And, I won't lie, you can't be packed in a group of 800+ people without checking out all the guys' packages in their underwear. It made me giggle like a school girl!
It's all for a good cause! Anyone can run (or walk) a mile...so, do it!

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OBM.cle said...

this looked like so much fun! i'm definitely going to do it next time around.